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  • Beogram 9000 Sibilance

    Hi all I've recently began using my Beogram 9000 again, however I've experienced some really heavy sibilance issues. I also believe that I am somehow causing damage to my records with my setup. It's not as obvious on new vinyl but on older albums it's really quite noticeable. My cartridge...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by WhatsGoingOn on Thu, Jan 22 2015
    Filed under: beogram 9000, setup, sibilance, help
  • beogram 1200 restoration

    i have a beogram 1200 i have been restoring and the automatic cueing mechanism drops about 5 mm to far out so if you were to just leave it it would not hit the run in groove and play but fall of how to adjust this , if anyone knows how to adjust this it would be much appreciated
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by beo3000 on Thu, Sep 24 2015
    Filed under: problem, Beogram 1200 1202 1203 3000, lift, beogram, operation, Repair, setup, help, issues
  • Beogram 1202 wont start.....

    Hi everyone , when I bought up my RX2 (mentioned in another thread) i also picked up a beautiful 1202. Was not able to test it and bougt it "as is" but the dustcover is barely scratch, the wood is in pristine condition and it has no stains/marks on the aluminium. I also managed to get a brand...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by Afterburner on Fri, Sep 22 2017
    Filed under: Beogram 1202, help, needs to fixed, dead
  • Beogram 5500 String Help

    Hi! I recently acquired a BeoSystem 5500 and am having trouble with the Beogram turntable and the tone arms not moving along the tracking. I've opened her up and everything is in place as it should be (according to manual diagrams and pictures from the internet) except the white string inside has...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by hotmessjessxx on Sun, Oct 8 2017
    Filed under: tonearm, problem, Beogram 5500, tangential, beogram, 5500, tangential arm issues, Beogram 5500, tracking, Beogram 5500 buzz, linear, turntable, record, Repair, Beoram 4000 slider tracking problems, help, Tracking Force, Beogram tonearm, issues, Beogram turntable issue, record player, beogram repair, pulley
  • acquiring some vintage b&o products - help!

    Hi there everyone. Want to pick your brains about something. I'm already the proud owner of some BeoLab 6000 and BeoLab4000 speakers. My uncle has decided to downsize and has a lovely CDX as well as a TX2 turntable which are coming in my direction (yay!). I'm keen to hook them up to one set of...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by mpearse88 on Fri, Sep 27 2019
    Filed under: help, vintage, issues, Beogram tx2, help needed!
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