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  • Beogram 5000 Tonearm doing its own thing

    Hi all, I recently acquired a Beogram 5000 Type 5803 in ok visual, condition but not working. The tone arm doesn't operate properly. Sometimes, it cues over the record but doesn't drop, when it does drop, when you stop it, it doesn't lift back up, the arm never returns to rest, it only just...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by Cooker on Sun, Nov 16 2014
    Filed under: tonearm, beogram, vinyl, cartridge, operation, 5000, arm, balance, weight, record
  • Beogram 1700 - Sound to only one speaker. Could it be the cartridge???

    Hi BeoWorld, I recently purchased a Beogram 1700 online and was told that the speaker wires may need replacing. I brought the machine to a specialist technician in the Upper East Side NYC and we tested the machine. It played fine out of one speaker, and hummed in the other. When he pressed pause, the...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by btsmith86 on Wed, Nov 12 2014
    Filed under: Beogram 1700, cartridge, hum
  • Beogram 4500

    Hi everyone, My dad passed me on his Beogram 4500 which he didn't use anymore... Unfortunately, there's obviously a problem with the left channel : there's sound but the quality is really poor. The right channel is ok. I checked the cables and my DIN/RCA adapter and tried to reverse the plugging...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by EcceAngelo on Fri, Jan 8 2016
    Filed under: problem, mmc4, cartridge, 4500, issues, beogram 4500
  • Should I rebuild my MMC3 or buy a new cartridges for my Beogram 5500's?

    I have two Beogram 5500 turntables with MMC3 cartridges. One of the cartridges has a broken cantilever and the other is useable but worn. I see many different rebuild services on eBay and have looked at the SoundSmith website. I would like to hear from others that have had B&O cartridges rebuilt...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by Couldbfishin on Sat, Jan 5 2019
    Filed under: Beogram 5500, 5500, Beogram 5500, cartridge replacement, cartridge, mmc 2, Repair, MMC
  • Beogram 2200 - multiple questions (stylus replacement necessary, platter not level, wood trim)

    Dear all, here are a few facts: I have sort of inherited a Beogram 2200 from the late 70s. It had not been used for a while until I revived it this year. (But I don't actually know for how long.) I don't know whether any parts have ever been replaced. As far as I can tell it is all-original....
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by Manuel on Thu, Jan 3 2019
    Filed under: beogram 2200, cartridge, Platter
  • Beogram 1900 - Sound to only right speaker. Could it be the cartridge?

    Hi BeoWorld, I recently purchased a Beogram 1900 via Catawiki (MMC 10E) and I have been having some issues with the sound. When I first got it I only heard music coming from one (right) side and I realised the cartridge was not connected properly into the arm. I gently removed the cartridge form the...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by RvanD8 on Sun, May 17 2020
    Filed under: beogram, Classic Audio, vinyl, Stereo, cartridge replacement, turntable, cartridge, Repair, sounds heavenly, Beogram 1900, sound, MMC10E, troubleshooting
  • Begogram 2400 crackling sound

    I just became the proud owner of a beogram 2400 with a vertical front. I am running it through at Yamaha CR-820 Stereo Reciever the rough the phono input, and with B&W speakers. When I play any record I get a crackling sound, sometimes only on the right speaker. No issue with sound coming through...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by ksteelman on Wed, May 6 2020
    Filed under: Beogram 2400, 2400, cartridge, Noise, sound
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