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  • Combining Master Link Gateway (MLGW) / Beolink Gateway (BLGW) with old Master Control Link (MCL) products

    Gentlemen, First of all; excuse a newbie for possible topics already discussed in detail. I have used a lot of time traversing the forums without luck, hence this question: Previously, other users have been questioning whether the Master Link Gateway (MLGW)/Beolink Gateway (BLGW) could control legacy...
    Posted to Bang & Olufsen / Home Automation (Forum) by Fod on Tue, Feb 2 2016
    Filed under: 1611, mlgw, bl3500, mcl, blgw, bc9300
  • Re: New nest camera

    Maybe you can find the answer here: ill have no Nest cam only a BLGW. So i can not test it for you:) Bid of you send your test link (temporarily) from your Nest account?
    Posted to Bang & Olufsen / Home Automation (Forum) by Playlink on Fri, Aug 12 2016
    Filed under: blgw, beomac, Beolink Gateway, nest, Nest cam pro, InstallSolutions
  • Problems with BLC and BLGW

    Hi, I've been browsing this excellent forum for a long time now and I found answers to most of my problems but I'm still having issues with my multiroom setup and I was wondering if any of the members here could help me with my B&O system, which I had since the MasterLink era and slowly bringing...
    Posted to Bang & Olufsen / Home Automation (Forum) by Emm on Sun, Sep 11 2016
    Filed under: bl3500, blgw, BS3000, BL/NL Converter, A6
  • MLGW and the new Link2 app

    Hi All. Anybody that can help a new member. I have a full IHC (from LK) system, and I am trying to add the light and temperature controls to the new B&O LINK II app. I can get the Light function to work with the DIMMERs but when I do a On/off switch the function does not go under the Light category...
    Posted to Bang & Olufsen / Home Automation (Forum) by Mille12 on Mon, Jul 17 2017
    Filed under: mlgw blgw, mlgw, blgw, Beolink Gateway, InstallSolutions
  • Beolink Gateway and cameras (mainly HIK Vision)

    Hi I had in the current setup 5 pcs HIK Vision cameras connected to the HIK Vision box, but has changed this setup, so all cameras now are connected directly to the switch. This gives acces from Blink Gateway. Have anyone experience with HIK Vision cameras and Blink Gateway. The section Camera Access...
    Posted to Bang & Olufsen / Home Automation (Forum) by Rudi Pedersen on Sun, Jul 23 2017
    Filed under: blgw
  • Re: BLGW + Lutron QS questions

    After careful examination of the Lutron Integration Protocol LED figures are found :) But the second question is still valid. BTW. If someone form BLGW programmers is checking this topic. It would really worth to add possibility to place DIMMER device to the SHADES tab. I can assign the shade as a dimmer...
    Posted to Bang & Olufsen / Home Automation (Forum) by Aleksei on Fri, Aug 25 2017
    Filed under: blgw, Beolink Gateway, Lutron
  • BLGW + Lutron QS questions

    Hello, I have just upgraded MLGW to BLGW and, must admit, was pleasantly surprised. The Lutron Integration Protocol is implemented much better. You finally start to enjoy using the setup :) However there are two open questions for me (Grafik Eye QS EcoSystem + Sivoia QS shades) 1. I have assigned the...
    Posted to Bang & Olufsen / Home Automation (Forum) by Aleksei on Thu, Aug 24 2017
    Filed under: blgw, intergration, Lutron
  • Re: BLGW + BS5 + V.AUX

    Answering to myself (thanks BeoCare): 1. There are no V.AUX in the source list while BLGW setup, but it is possible to use DTV2 instead. So now I can select V.AUX with BeoLink. Of course, on Beo4 it will be normal V.AUX still. Thus, now I can use BeoSound5 and Dune HD (connected to AV4 of Beovision7...
    Posted to Bang & Olufsen / Home Automation (Forum) by Aleksei on Tue, Jan 30 2018
    Filed under: blgw
  • How to set volume levels and power state using BLGW

    Hi all, I was quite lucky to be able to complement my exsting Setup (BS2 and a Shape /w Essence remote) with a "second life" BLGW, which I have reset to factory defaults and started adding some macros for testing. I would appreciate if you could correct me in case I am on the wrong track.....
    Posted to Bang & Olufsen / Home Automation (Forum) by Lars_ on Mon, Oct 22 2018
    Filed under: blgw, volume
  • BLGW & Alexa without a Khimo account?

    Hello, I got my BLGW up running with some speakers and KNX (lights) and today I brought a Amazon Echo, Alexa. 1) As far as I can see i need a Khimo Account to get Alexa to work with IFTTT and BLGW to work - anyone who made Alexa work with BLWQ without Khimo? 2) If not, how do I get a Khimo account??...
    Posted to Bang & Olufsen / Home Automation (Forum) by JensHauge on Sat, Oct 20 2018
    Filed under: blgw, Alexa, Khimo
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