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  • Beomaster 7000 hot

    Hi all! I recapped my BM the other week. I haven't yet adjusted the no-load current, but will do so whenever I find some time (and the weather goes bad). The BM stays pretty warm in standby, even though I rewired the trafo to 240V. Yesterday I went and got myself one of those master-slave power cords...
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by Johan on Sun, May 27 2012
    Filed under: beomaster 7000
  • Beomaster 7000 Radio - no sound

    My Beomaster 7000 surprised me today. Switching to Radio, there was suddenly no sound at all. I see the RDS info and the "Locked" indicator, so I assume it's getting a signal. External audio sources such as CD work just fine. Has anyone seen something similar? I probably should think about...
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by Brian on Fri, May 1 2015
    Filed under: beomaster 7000
  • Beomaster 7000 tuner adjustment

    Hello folks, I have been searching for info about this for two days and haven't really found any info. I replaced the memory battery in my BM7000 and now the tuner is off by ~1 KHZ. How do I line it back up? I have a Beo4 and a BL 7000 (it just got new batteries as well).
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by mrzdur on Sun, Jul 19 2015
    Filed under: beomaster 7000, Repair, Beolink 7000, bm7000, tuning
  • Beolink 7000 / Beocenter 9500 reset

    Hi all, I've had a couple of Beolink 7000's working happily with my Beocenter 9500 (which is a US version) for the last couple of years, until.. I used them with a Beomaster 7000 (UK version) literally just once. Even with the Beomaster packed away, the two-way comms of the Beolink drop out after...
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by webbda77 on Mon, May 23 2016
    Filed under: beomaster 7000, Beocenter 9500, Beolink 7000
  • Beomaster 7000 tuner and Aux connection

    I recently purchased a Beomaster 7000 (minus Beolink 7000) and I'm having no luck getting the tuner to work. I've done some recapping on a Beomaster 5000 and Beogram 4004 with great results but the tuner section is beyond my capabilities. I'm using a Beo 6 to do the tuning by using the Beo...
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by j_lowry on Fri, Nov 10 2017
    Filed under: beomaster 7000, Beomaster 6500, recap, Circuit boards, repairs, tuning, challenge
  • Reconfigure Beomaster 7000 for 110 VAC???

    Hello, I recently relocated from Europe back to the good old USA and brought my Beomaster 7000. I would like to convert it from 220 to 110 VAC. Is this possible? Or do I need a different power supply? I am handy with a soldering iron. I plan on eventually overhauling the receiver, but want to be careful...
    Posted to The Workbench (Forum) by Brian on Wed, Nov 14 2018
    Filed under: beomaster 7000, 7000 rectifier power
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