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  • BeoLab 14 hands on video and launch presentaion video

    Hey guys, As I'm sure you all know, the BeoLab 14 was recently launched. I was at the event and have some video coverage you might not have seen yet. The full presentation given by CEO Tue Mantoni, and a hands on of the system. BeoLab 14 hands on Cheers guys.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Matt on Mon, Jun 10 2013
    Filed under: video, Beolab, beolab 14
  • Beolab 14 update

    Hello, I bougth the Beolab 14 2-1. Can I set my Beovision 7 like this: Sub = YES and front = BL5 then I connect two cables (powerlink-rj45) between the TV and the Beolab 14? If I want to update the system to a 4-1. What do I need to make? Do I need to buy a new powerlink-RJ45 cable and two new speakers...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by doun on Tue, Nov 26 2013
    Filed under: beolab 14
  • Beolab 14 RJ45 to RCA

    Hi guys! Bought a B14 which I hope will be suitable for my small apartment. But I am connecting them to a NAD C 510 DAC (hopefully a Beovision later on when the wallet allows it). Wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to get hold of some good cables for this? RJ45 to RCA. I got a very short one...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by dj_ulf on Sun, Jan 18 2015
    Filed under: beolab 14
  • BeoSound Essence + Playmaker + BeoLab 14

    Hi, For a first post, i might have overstepped my welcome, but i would appreciate all of your advise. I'm looking to extend my existing BL14 setup to an airplay enabled multi-room audio system. My current setup has my samsung tv connected to the BL14 via a Sony AV, the Sony handles surround sound...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Denethor on Sat, Jan 3 2015
    Filed under: airport express, Playmaker, multiroom, beolab 14, Airplay, Beosound Essence, Playmaker AirPort, AirPlay AirPort Playmaker
  • BeoVision 11 with 2 X Beolab 14 4.1

    Hi I have a BeoVision 11 post November 2013 with: Connections HDMI : Six USB : Two Headphone socket : one Power Link sockets : five, with 2 channels in each for connection of external speakers and sub-woofer Network WLAN/LAN Security : Pincode protection WiSA (from November 2013) Today I have my BeoVision...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Ramasjang on Sun, Nov 9 2014
    Filed under: Powerlink, bv 11, active speakers, beolab 14, beovison 11
  • BeoLab 14 4.1

    I have a question regarding my setup. I have done everything correctly as far as I know, but I am just looking for some clarification with how to best use my receiver with the 4.1 system I have. The receiver I am using is the Yamaha RX-V775. I am using the A/V multilink cable and plugging directly into...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by codydale on Fri, Apr 3 2015
    Filed under: Beolab, beolab 14
  • Beolab 14 on Beosound Moment

    Is it possible to use Beolab 14 (4.1 or 5.1) directly as speakers on Beosound Moment? For the Beolab 14 three powerlink connections are needed, normally connected to the B&O TV. On Beosound Moment has just two connections. Any experience or ideas?
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by AJungermann on Thu, Aug 27 2015
    Filed under: beolab 14, BeoSound Moment
  • BeoLab 14 Orange blinking Light

    Last week I bought Beolab 14 and I started using it with my Marantz SR7009. I am connecting the Marantz to BL14 through the speaker connections. Everything seems to be working fine and then yesterday the BL14 would not come on and the Orange indicator light kept blinking. I red somewhere that this could...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Anu on Sun, Aug 2 2015
    Filed under: AV amps, beolab 14
  • Speaker Cable Plug for Beolab 14

    Hi Does anyone know where I can get the speaker cable plugs that go into the bottom of the Beolab 14 subwoofer for the satellite speakers. Its kind of a rectangular black plug that two speaker wires screw into then it plugs into slots on the woofer. Lost one of them. Assume B&O will charge me lost...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by cnjarvis on Sun, Jul 19 2015
    Filed under: beolab 14
  • Sound Processor help

    Hi, After much looking around, I have decided to get the Beolab 14 5.1 system. These are active speakers with built in DSP and EQ for each of the speakers. Now, I need a suitable sound processor to drive these. I am also planning to buy a TV. My options are: 1) Get Nuforce AVP-18 as the sound processor...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by sid24 on Thu, Nov 12 2015
    Filed under: beolab 14, Loewe, sound processor
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