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  • may I connect BeoLab Column with BM1900 ?

    Hello all B&O enthousiastic people. here is my "little problem", but it is really a problem? I have a BM1900 connected with BEOGRAM CD4500. I have also a BEOCORD 2000 and BEOVOX S45. Well, I have already succed to connect BM1900 with BEOGRAMCD4500 (tanks to Martin). I have some problem...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Franck33 on Fri, Oct 7 2016
    Filed under: beolab 1, Beolab 6000, speakers, Beomaster 1900, Beolab 8000 Beolab 8002
  • beolab 1. remove front.

    Hello everybody. I have bought a pair of beolab 1. I think that one of the speaker units are not playing. It a the tweeter unit. Hope you can understand. But I cant find out how to take the front "grill"?? of the speaker. anybody who can help me?? with friendly regards Mr. Kim Agerholm Denmark
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by kim agerholm on Fri, Sep 26 2014
    Filed under: beolab 1
  • Beolab 1 vs Beolab 9 sound quality comparison ?

    I'm thinking to change my old beloved Beoalb's 1. But I have no possibility to make a hearing test in my house before buying. Do you think there will be a gap between BL1 and BL9? I mean on an objective analysis: Frequency response, phase response etc. I ask here, because I found no test or review...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by l_avocat on Tue, Mar 4 2014
    Filed under: Beolab 9, beolab 1
  • Cabeling, balanced signal

    Hi My CD player has balanced XLR outputs which I would like to take advantage of. There is a company that manufactures an adapter cable that goes from XLR to 5 pin B&O. If I use this cable to go from my CD player, into my AV 7000 then with powerlink to my beolab 1's will the signal remain balanced...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by healeyguy on Mon, Sep 2 2013
    Filed under: beolab 1
  • Advice Welcome on connecting a Beovision 5 HD, Humax HD box, Playstation 3, DVD 1, Beomedia 1 and BeoLab 1s please

    Dear All, Firstly sorry for troubling you guys, I have recently purchased a few new pieces of kit and am having difficulty connecting them together in the best logical way possible. Firstly as I understand it the BEOVISION 5 HD has one dvi socket- to accomodate for an HD source- hence I would have to...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Bangtastic on Thu, Mar 7 2013
    Filed under: beolab 1, Beo 4, hdmi-switch, Beovision5, Beomeida 1, DVD1
  • Beolab -1

    hello beoworlders, one of my beolab 1 would yet again not return from stand-by mode. it would turn on momentarily (fraction of a second) and return back to stand-by. would it be the the tweeter again?? last time it was reconed here in india. would you recommend to change it to a brand new instead? also...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Pattabhiraman on Tue, Aug 14 2012
    Filed under: beolab 1
  • Choose the right beolab

    Hi there, I currently have a BV7-32 with BL 7-1 and a couple of BL6000 that I'm using as a front speakers so far. My intention is to add another two speakers in a first stage and finally the subwoofer. I'm considering two possibilities: A) Go for a cheaper speaker from B&O range and place...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by mikigc on Tue, Jul 3 2012
    Filed under: beolab 1, Beolab 6000, Beolab 8000, Beovision 7-32
  • Beolab 1

    I'm thinking of buying a pair of Beolab 1's but have read for years they aren't B&O's finest. I've tried looking for past posts on the speakers but just end up with broken links to nowhere on this site. Would they be a step up from a pair of Pentas, or would I be going sideways...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Luke on Mon, Mar 12 2012
    Filed under: beolab 1
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