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  • Re: Beolab 11 - opinions for music reproduction?

    I completely agree on that! It's defintiely the most beautiful subwoofer on the market, and maybe the only one which can be wall-mounted. I have to admit that I became almost a passionate collector of BL11 covers BTW, I am running BL11 hooked to a pair of BL3 and it's an awesome addition to gently...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Damir Grgic on Thu, Jul 9 2020
    Filed under: beolab 11, beolab 3
  • Configuration of NL/ML converter with Beovision Eclipse

    Hi All, I have the following setup: Bevision Eclipse 65” Beosound 5 Beolab 5 (directly attached to Beosound 5) Beolab 8002 controlled by Beolink active Beolab 3 controlled by Beolink active Beolab 3500 MLGW I recently purchased the Beovision Eclipse 65” (before I had Beovision 7) To connect...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by RasmusB on Wed, Dec 18 2019
    Filed under: beolab 5, Masterlink Module, link room rf, Beolink App, beolab 3, beosound 5 beomaster 5, ML audiomaster, beomaster 5, BL3 Beolab 3, Beovision Eclipse
  • How much investment is wasted on front left, right channels as center does a lot of work?

    I need a little help deciding weather to use my Beolab 9s as part of the surround sound for the TV, or put them in my bedroom or office and use them as good music/stereo speakers. Im trying to make the best use of their potential, as I am fortunate enough to have acquired a pair. (I also acquired two...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Howzit on Fri, Aug 10 2018
    Filed under: beolab 3, béolab 4000, Beolab9, Beolab 9 beolab 3, Belab 4000
  • Beolab 3 problems

    Hi, I currently own a pair of Beolab 3's, one of them works perfectly, but the other one won't turn on(from red to green) they are both plugged in, and I'm using a B&O original power-link to 3.5mm jack cable. As stated, one of them works fine and produces great sound, but the second one...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by lviyel20 on Sat, Jul 7 2018
    Filed under: 3.5mm connector, beolab 3, beolab 3 issues
  • Inexpensive BeoLab 3 Donut Alternatives

    I bought a pair of BeoLab 3's off of Ebay and am delighted with them. They came with the tall floor stands but after a move I need to place them on a windowsill. The official donuts (table rings) are quite expensive so I looked around for an inexpensive alternative and came up with the rubber quoits...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Michael Ellis on Thu, Mar 22 2018
    Filed under: beolab 3, Table Stand
  • Beolab 3 - Expected Lifespan

    Hi. I'm looking at buying a pair of Beolab 3's. I've got a set on loan which are 12 years old, and love the sound. Having a small awkward room setup, they suit perfectly. This would be my first B&O purchase, and I'm wondering if I should be concerned by their age. I'd really appreciate...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by ire74 on Tue, Jan 17 2017
    Filed under: beolab 3
  • Cleaning the self-healing rubber on Beolab 3

    I've had a pair up on the wall near the kitchen for years, it's never really occurred to clean them anymore than a dust now and again. I took them down earlier to move them and of course found they were really sticky. I phoned my local B&O dealer and they told me they always use an antistatic...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by moreton on Thu, Dec 15 2016
    Filed under: beolab 3
  • beolab 3 - no music "noise", normal?

    Hi! I have just bought a pair of 2nd hand BeoLab 3 (SN #21x). They sound amazing for such a small body!! So happy with them. At the moment they are connected to my computer through a cheap SPDIF to RCA adapter from Amazon (Proxima Direct DAC), and 3meters SoundsHeavensly cable (2rca/2x7pd). They will...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by nethawk on Sat, Apr 9 2016
    Filed under: beolab 3
  • Beolab penta mk3 speaker problem/ set up

    Hi I am new to b&o systems I have a beocentre 9500 with a beogram 9000 and the mk3 penta speakers the system works fine with the speakers running with normal speaker wire however I want to run the system with the powerlink cables but when connected in this way I don't get any sound out of the...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by gazfoxy on Tue, Feb 16 2016
    Filed under: beolab 3, Penta mk3
  • Bedroom Clock with Beoplay speaker solution. Advice wanted

    Hi Beophiles, I have a dilemma. I need new bedside clock/radio/speaker solution. I looked at the Bose Wave thing which is such an ugly old piece of kit that I had to run back to the B and O store to recover. A "clock/radio" is too old school these days and anything that resembles this is junk...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by soundguysydney on Sat, Oct 10 2015
    Filed under: Beovision Avant, Beoplay, beloab 3, beomusic, Beovision Avant 55, BeoSound Moment, App, beolab 3
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