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  • Beocenter 7700 phono lid catch and stuff

    Hello all, I'm new to Beoworld having taken possession of a nice looking 7700 which I intend to fix up and use. I suspect that the plastic catch molded into the underside of the clear plastic (acrylic?) lid has a small piece missing/broken off but I haven't been able to find any images to verify...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by davew on Tue, Mar 5 2013
    Filed under: Phono, beocenter 7700, S45, lid
  • Beocenter 7700 problem.

    Hi I have got a Beocenter 7700 that is not working as it should. I have checked that the turntable and redio is working when listening thru the tape out, but when using speakers there is something wrong. Symptoms: 1. the sound is weak and cracked up 2. the display is blinking or flashing I know very...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by raolrenau on Wed, May 8 2013
    Filed under: beocenter 7700, amp, power supply, amplifier
  • Beocenter 7700 tape recording one side only

    hi guys, I just repaired a Beocenter 7700 that works 100% except for the FFW button on the tape deck and I just discovered a new issue with it. It's kind of a weird one. When recording from the TP2 input onto tape (TP1), the signal monitors fine and in stereo, but when I played back the tape I realized...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by M. Malouf on Tue, Sep 3 2013
    Filed under: beocenter 7700, 5000, 7002, tape deck, 7007, 7700
  • Beovox Redline 60.2 speakers with Beocentre 7700

    I recently acquired a beautiful pair of Redline 60.2 speakers... but when I plug them in to my Beocentre 7700 they work for a few seconds but then seem to cut the power to the system. Not knowing too much about the maths and science behind what goes with what - I guessed that the "Wattage"...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by Ashley on Thu, Nov 21 2013
    Filed under: beocenter 7700, speakers, rl6000, Redline 60.2
  • Beocenter 7700 - 3 questions

    Hi, I have a nice Beocenter 7700 that miss is front woodtrim. Don't know why it's annoying me that much. It was probably removed by a previous owner to match the CDx. Shame! Judging by the sides, i might think it's teck, and it's stained... (it's too "orange" to be natural...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by hamacbleu on Sat, Jun 14 2014
    Filed under: beocenter 7700
  • Beocenter 7700 display faults

    Following from a good post in the Beoworld forums by The Tinman (Marc) in 2008: Marc said: "As for the LED segments, they can get intermittent or go out altogether. The problem is in the gold wire that connects the LED wafer to the PC board. These were not potted yet like modern 7 segment displays...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by horace on Sun, Aug 27 2017
    Filed under: beocenter 7700, display, LED
  • BeoCenter 7700 - Dust Cover - light bulb 12V

    Hello, I am a happy user of a rebuilt BeoCenter 7700 with refurbished S55 speakers :) Recently though, the little light bulb in the dust cover has died and finding a replacement is difficult as I only know the voltage and size. I've combed the forum threads and internet for answers but without success...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by analog_tommy on Mon, Feb 19 2018
    Filed under: beocenter 7700, Beocenter, watt, bulb, dust cover, light
  • Re: Beocenter 7700 turns off right after turning on.

    I have had my BeoCenter 7700 for many years and it has been working perfectly. Today, when I wanted to listen to the FM, it came on for 10 seconds and then the display panel went out and the relay clicked off. All of the functions now act the same way, they come on for 10 seconds and then turn off as...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by MrMoto on Mon, Mar 2 2020
    Filed under: beocenter 7700, Beocenter, 7700
  • Beocenter 7700 - Correcting the tonearm start position - please help

    Just picked up a beocenter 7700 and love it. However, the toned arm drop/start position falls just outside of the LP edge and crashes on the deck. I have searched the forums and the manuals and cannot find the way to adjust. it is so close but i need help. thank you in advance.
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by WellerArmy on Thu, May 7 2020
    Filed under: Phono, beocenter 7700, tone arm, phono problem, Beocenter 7700 phono
  • Re: BEOCENTER 7700 help

    Am I correct in assuming that in the picture it shows the belt snapped off on the bottom right? I read some of the older post about changing the belts...seems like a fellow named Dillen can supply some belts, is he still active around here?
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by justanewbie on Sun, Sep 2 2012
    Filed under: beocenter 7700
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