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  • TX2 - Problems with tonearm return

    My recently-acquired TX2 continues to surprise. From time to time the tonearm "struggles" to return after reaching the end of a record. I hear a prominent noise as the tonearm begins a slower than normal return and then -- generally -- once it's around halfway home the noise goes away and...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by GessWurker on Wed, Mar 17 2021
    Filed under: belt, turntable, Vintage B & O components
  • Beocenter 4000 type 1603 - replacing cassette belts

    Hi, All just wanted to ask whats the best way to rebelt the cassette deck on one of these lovely machines as I have just finished servicing the amp and power board just would like to rebelt the deck while I am in the machine. Whats the best and easiest way to do this please? Kind Regards, Lewis
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by Lewis T on Sun, Feb 25 2018
    Filed under: repair, help, Beocenter, problem, vintage, becenter, refurb, belt, amplifier, vintage., Beocord Parts, tape deck, beocenter 4000, Restoration, tapedeck, repair., cassette, replace belts
  • Beocenter 2200 platter removal for belt change

    I have just purchased Beocenter 2200 and there are of course some issues. The first repair I would like to accomplish is to replace the drive belt for the phonograph because it is spinning too slow but I can't figure out how to remove the platter. If someone can help me I would greatly appreciate...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by Gogirlmusic on Thu, Feb 1 2018
    Filed under: repair, vintage, belt, platter, beocenter 2200, phono problem
  • Beomaster/Beocord 6000 and Beogram 6002 Refurbishing Project

    Hello folks, Acquired the above-mentioned stereo equipment and am trying to troubleshoot a few issues: 1) Beomaster 6000 - Volume stuck at 25... Volume controls are not responding whatsoever... Opened up the box and suspect the volume control motor may be burned out (Belt and string look good... can...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by TexasFischer on Tue, Mar 14 2017
    Filed under: repair, beogram, refurb, belt, volume problem, beomaster, phono problem, Beocord, motor, potentiometer, Beocord 6000, Beogram 6002, Beomasterer 6000
  • Beocenter 5000 turntable belt

    This seems like such an amateurish question, but hey.. I've got beocente r 5000 which I've had for a couple of years. The turntable has gradually started losing speed or is erratic, and I'm guessing it needs a new belt. So: 1. How do you remove the platter? It doesn't seem to lift off...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by Thom Chesshyre on Mon, Jun 1 2015
    Filed under: belt, turntable, Turntable running too slow, Beomcenter 5000
  • Beocenter 4000 type 1603 - Volume slider help

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone can help me I have got a fully working Beocenter 4000 but the volume slider has got it self in a mess and its come un attached inside and now has come off the machine so have to way to adjust the volume. The slider kept slipping now and would get stuck at 5 out of 12...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by Lewis T on Thu, Nov 13 2014
    Filed under: repair, help, Beocenter, failure, problem, vintage, 70s, service menu, becenter, refurb, spares, Classic Audio, belt, volume problem, volume, amp, amplifier, vintage., beocenter 4000, repair dented dome, controls
  • Beocenter 1800 turntable running too slow

    Hi I recently bought my uncles old Beocenter 1800 but when i try playing a record it's easy to hear that the record is running too slow! The model is from 1975 and according to him the belt / rubber band hasn't been changed in all that time so I have a feeling that is the reason it's running...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by Claus Hindberg on Tue, Jun 18 2013
    Filed under: Beocenter, belt, turntable, Turntable running too slow
  • Help with Beogram 1202??

    Hi everyone, It seems that 1202s are trending right now so thought i'd throw a few questions at you and see if you can help! I've gone through the other threads but can't find the information I need! I've only recently caught the B&O bug so i'm still new to all this! I've...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by richardbell81 on Sun, Mar 10 2013
    Filed under: beogram 1202, belt, platter
  • Beogram 1102

    Hello, My vintage Beogram 1102 is in need of a new drive belt. Can anyone advise me if they are available and from where? Thank you, David
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by DavidW2 on Sat, Dec 27 2014
    Filed under: belt
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