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  • PlayStation 4 Pro to BV7-32 Mk1

    Hi, I just bought a BV7-32 Mk1 to my 7 year old son to use for his PlayStation 4 Pro. The person selling it said that it was an HD ready Mk2 model, but after looking at the serial number it seems to by a Mk1 model. I have a DVI-D adapter between the HDMI-cable from the PlayStation and an digital/audio...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Christian on Fri, Jan 25 2019
    Filed under: audio, Beovision 7-32, PlayStation, DVI BEOVISION7, beo4 remote, Beovision 7
  • Beocentre 4000 help required

    Hi. Can you help please? My parents bought a Bang & Olufsen system about 20 years ago which is now having problems in outputting audio. There may be a simple solution to this but being unfamiliar with the audio wiring, any advice would be most helpful. The system they own is a Beogram 3000, a Beocentre...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by CharlieGriff on Mon, Feb 12 2018
    Filed under: audio, speakers, Beocentre 4000
  • How To convert Wired Connection to wireless connection ?

    Hello BeoWorld Greetings' I need an help from you guys to understand that if an client has these products how we gone make this an wireless setup Products Detail : 1) Beolab 5 - 2 Pair 2) Beolab 2 - Subwoofer 3) System 3 - AMP ( Processor) And he is using some projector Screen , so please help me...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by gandhilovkesh on Sun, Jun 18 2017
    Filed under: beolab 5, audio, Wireless, cinema, Network Link, NL, wires, integration, WLAN, Beolab 2, setup, audio problems, Wireless 1 Beolab 3500, bang and olufsen, 5.1 set up, wireless:beolab 2, old to new
  • Connecting active studio monitors (XLR/Jack) to BeoCenter 9500

    Hi everyone! I'm planning on connecting my active Genelec studio monitors to my BeoCenter 9500. I just can't figure out the best way of connecting them. The speakers usually runs balanced XLR, though I'm aware that the powerlink doesn't deliver a balanced output. A balanced connection...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by nkbitsch on Wed, Aug 31 2016
    Filed under: audio, audio problems, Adapter, advice active speakers, Beocenter 9500
  • BeoVision11 AUDIO-ONLY (Beolab18) SOLUTION - how2 turn off the screen.

    Hello, Does anyone know how to configure the BeoVision11 to turn OFF the screen while sending audio to a Beolab18? I have an ATV3 connected to the the BeoVision11. I'm using AirPlay to send audio to the ATV3. The Beolab18 WiSA speakers sound amazing. But I don't want anything to show up on the...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Shawn on Fri, Jan 2 2015
    Filed under: audio, Apple TV, Beovision11, Apple TV gen. 3, WiSa, Beolab 18
  • Connect BL 8000 with Philips TV?

    Hey Beoworlders, I got the BeoLab 8000 Speakers (bought in 1996) and would like to connect them with the Philips 5500 Series TV. As far as I know there is a Powerlink cable connection on the speakers. Atm the speakers are connected with the BeoSound Ouverture CD/Tape/Tuner Is there a possibility to connect...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by AL3333333X on Sat, Jul 12 2014
    Filed under: Beolink converter, scart, hdmi, help, digital, audio, Beolab 8000, Aux, converter, Connection, Powerlink, Surround Sound, 8000, Help required, smart tv, AV9000 Setup Aux, Smart-TV, speakers, loudspeakers, A.AUX, channel out, problem, speaker, optical connections, AV 9000 Master Panel Converter Powerlink, Aux input, advice, Beolab 8000 Beosound 9000, high end powerlink cable, active speakers, Beolink MCL 2A Powerlink Speakerlink Beolab, digital media, Samsung, sound, beolab 8000 Beosound 2300, audio problems, Adapter
  • Beo 3300 - turntable

    Hello, I am quite new to all of this so apologies in advance for my ignorance. I have recently purchased a Beomaster 3300 with a phonograph. The 3300 appears to be in great working order, the only issue I am having that although the phonograph does work it is incredibly quiet through the speakers. I...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Tcuervo on Mon, Aug 12 2013
    Filed under: audio, phono, low volume, turntable, problem, noise, repair, Audio master, loudness
  • Best B&O finds advice

    Here's a newbee question...what were your best B&O finds and where? I've just discovered B&O products and I'd like to focus on building a music system...thank you in advance for any guidance. I'm in San Antonio by the way... V/R emc
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by usafmsc on Mon, Sep 3 2012
    Filed under: Apple TV Beo4, Beomaster 5500, Beomaster 5000, audio, BEOSound 9000, Beomaster 3000 type 2402, Beosound Century radio, Beosound 3200, Beosound 1
  • Beoplay V1 audio set-up with Apple TV and Beolab 9.

    My new Beoplay V1 40" is connected to a pair of Beolab 9. I have installed the CI+ module for HDTV. However, the main reason why I use my set-up is for audio - mainly streaming from Spotify through Airplay on my Apple TV (3rd generation) and the occasional FLAC file (through media player). To listen...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by keanone on Fri, Jul 6 2012
    Filed under: Beolab 9, audio, BeoPlay V1, Apple TV
  • New AppleTV - No sound on BV7-32?

    It has been discussed before, but here is my question? I understand that we need a digital to analog convertor for the sound. But why it does not play any sound when watching HD movies through iTunes? Isn't it 5.1 sound? Normally with the optical to digital audio converter should be fine. It does...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by DrDimitris on Wed, May 23 2012
    Filed under: Beovision 7, audio, AppleTV
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