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  • Beocenter 7700 problem.

    Hi I have got a Beocenter 7700 that is not working as it should. I have checked that the turntable and redio is working when listening thru the tape out, but when using speakers there is something wrong. Symptoms: 1. the sound is weak and cracked up 2. the display is blinking or flashing I know very...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by raolrenau on Wed, May 8 2013
    Filed under: beocenter 7700, amp, power supply, amplifier
  • Penta 2 Amps

    Hello, I have Penta 2 speakers that I had the amps repaired once but have stopped working again. I have heard there is a way of bypassing the amps and using the speakers anyway. Is that true and if so, how? Or is there a place to buy amps or have them repaired in the US? I cant find anyone to look at...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by ksmmike on Fri, Jun 14 2013
    Filed under: vintage, Penta speakers, Beolink Passive, wire, amplifier
  • Beocenter 4000 1978 - 1980 version - no speaker output - Help!!!

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to ask if anyone knows what could be wrong with my Beocenter 4000 I was listening to it this morning all was fine, I changed one of the fm presets and pushed the popup part back down that lives under the chrome flap on the top of the unit it was working fine and sounded great...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by Lewis T on Wed, Dec 25 2013
    Filed under: repair, Beocenter, failure, speakers, vintage, noise, becenter, Classic Audio, speaker channel, speaker, volume problem, volume, amplifier, vintage., beocenter 4000
  • Beomaster 2400 no mids. Any suggestions?

    So I purchased a Beomaster 2400 along with a Beogram 4004 player and Beovox s45 speakers. I noticed the sound was very off, even playing from an mp3 source, so I got a 6.25mm to 3.5mm adapter, ran the sound to my earphones and it seems like the problem lies in the amplifier. Music sounds pretty "blown...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by mikecomua on Thu, Feb 5 2015
    Filed under: amplifier, fix, diy, beomaster 2400
  • Beocenter 4000 type 1603 - Volume slider help

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone can help me I have got a fully working Beocenter 4000 but the volume slider has got it self in a mess and its come un attached inside and now has come off the machine so have to way to adjust the volume. The slider kept slipping now and would get stuck at 5 out of 12...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by Lewis T on Thu, Nov 13 2014
    Filed under: repair, help, Beocenter, failure, problem, vintage, 70s, service menu, becenter, refurb, spares, Classic Audio, belt, volume problem, volume, amp, amplifier, vintage., beocenter 4000, repair dented dome, controls
  • Beomaster 1900 help!!

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can help me please I have a lovely beomaster 1900, all of a sudden its having an issue with Preset 4 on fm if you go to lightly tap it it wont work but if you push it really hard it will work. Just wondering if anyone can help me at all? Otherwise the set is working just...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by Lewis T on Fri, Dec 30 2016
    Filed under: beomaster 1900, repair, help, problem, vintage, amp, amplifier, beomaster, old, Restoration, 1900 humming, 1900
  • is the Beocord 8000 7 Pin Din socket a male or female connector on the back

    Hi, I hope someone can help with this query. I've ordered a (Female) 7-Pin Din socket to RCA cable so I can fit the Beocord into my Rotel amplifier for now. I'm not sure though if I actually needed the female or male Din version as no where makes it clear what kind of socket is on the back of...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by Ryan on Tue, Dec 27 2016
    Filed under: DIN, amplifier, Beocord, Hifi, Beocord 8000
  • Repair of Beocenter 2002 amp and tape deck

    I bought a Beocenter 2002 in about 1980. A few years ago the tape-deck failed. The radio and turntable have served me well until recently. As far as I know, they are OK in them selves but the amplifier has blown. I live in Wales, UK. Can anyone help? I want to know if I can get this fixed or how easy...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by Moth on Sun, Mar 19 2017
    Filed under: Beocenter 2002, turntable, amp, amplifier, tape deck, tapedeck
  • Beolab Penta 2 type 6621 weak at start

    Hi Forum I have a set of Beolab Penta's 2.nd generation, which have developed a fault in both units. I feed them by the RCA input and they turn on fine when signal is applied, but they are playing with a quite low volume. The "funny" part is, that if I move the mode switch (off-auto-L-R...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by stlab on Tue, Apr 11 2017
    Filed under: Penta speakers, amplifier, beolab
  • Beocenter 4000 type 1603 output stage voltage

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone can help at all, I am in the process of restoring a Beocenter 4000 type 1603. I have recapped the amps and psu with new caps and its been reccomended I change the pots on the output stages I have some on order but I cannot seem to find on my circuit drawings what the...
    Posted to Vintage Products (Forum) by Lewis T on Thu, Jan 25 2018
    Filed under: speaker sets, repair, help, Beocenter, vintage, noise, becenter, refurb, Classic Audio, speaker channel, DIN, cover, amp, amplifier, beocenter 4000, old, 4000, Service Manual, how to, potentiometer, Hifi, channel lost, repair., output
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