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  • Masterlink auf Cinch oder Klinke

    Hallo liebe B&O-Gemeinde, ich habe in einem Raum, in dem ein Masterlinkkabel liegt, welches mit meiner B&O Anlage verbunden ist, einen Philips-TV. Ich würde nun gerne den Ton des TV über das Masterlinkkabel über meine B&O-Anlage hören. Ist es möglich von dem Masterlinkkabel...
    Posted to Deutsche BeoWorld (Forum) by lalahondu on Mon, Jun 11 2012
    Filed under: Masterlink
  • Behaviour of ML-System using two 1611 converter

    Hello, I placed the same question in the german section before, without any answers, so I try again here. I use a 1611 converter with my BS3000 as input for the TV sound, which works fine. I'm thinking of get another one as 3rd "AUX input" for my BS. So my question is: How will the system...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Macattack on Wed, Jun 13 2012
    Filed under: 1611, converter, masterlink
  • Beovision 7-32 problems using remote control

    I'm having a bit of trouble with my system and before bothering my dealer I thought I'd see if anyone on here has a fix for me. I've had my 7-32 for several years now (I think it's the Mk I version) and it is masterlinked to a Beosound 3200. Just recently I noticed that the remote control...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by mondit on Thu, Jun 14 2012
    Filed under: troubles, Beovision 7-32, Beo 4, remote, masterlink
  • Beosystem 1 Beomedia1

    Hi, I have a Beosystem 1 with Beovision 4-50 connected with a Beomedia 1. The connection is a VGA cable connected to the Beomedia 1 and pc on the beovision 4-50. I also have audio from the beomedia 1 to V.Aux on the beosystem 1. I also have a masterlink cable connected to the beomedia 1 and beosystem...
    Posted to BeoWorld North America (Forum) by jdonkor on Mon, Jul 23 2012
    Filed under: BeoSystem 1, ir, masterlink, beosystem, beosystemandbeomedia, beomedia, beomedia-1, beomedia1, connection, beomedia 1, beosystem-1, beosystem1
  • Re: Heath Robinson Masterlink

    [quote user="plumber77"] The terminal strip had 10 connectors. 9 for each of the coloured wires and I used the last to connect all the grounds together which I read could be commoned [/quote] perfect ! Just add a connection between blue/white and pink.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Vienna on Sun, Jul 29 2012
    Filed under: masterlink
  • Re: Wireless1 question

    [quote user="Stan"] I bought both Active and Passive used so I don't know how old they are. Could a software update fix this? Or is this configuration not supported and I'm lucky that it works at all? [/quote] A "ML-Sub-Net" using a juntion box to distribute the ML of a Wireless...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Vienna on Sun, Jul 29 2012
    Filed under: masterlink, Beolink, Wireless
  • Re: Wireless1 question

    Unless you are using analysing equipment & software for several thousend $ / EUR, WiFi is always a bit "try and error" A BeoLink Wireless, if set to receiver offers all*) possibilities of a BeoLink Active ! Use the BeoLink Active for a further (ML-wired) zone or sell it. EDIT: *) except...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Vienna on Sun, Jul 29 2012
    Filed under: masterlink, Beolink, Wireless
  • Correct way to connect? BeoSound5+BeoMaster5+BeoLab5+BeoVision10

    I have purchased a new BeoVision10-46 and the dealer installed Option 2 for the BeoVision10 and Option 0 for the BeoMaster5. The SPDIF cables run from BeoMaster 5 to the BeoVision 10 and two BeoLab 5s are connected from BV10 by PowerLink. BeoMaster 5 and TV is also connected using the HDMI and MasterLink...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by jeanryu on Sat, Sep 8 2012
    Filed under: beovision 10, beolab 5, masterlink, BeoSound 5, SPDIF, BeoMaster 5
  • Is synced DLNA going to be the replacment for MasterLink

    The presently introduced Playmaker (PM) has DLNA support in terms of that it is a (audio) Digital Media Renderer - DMR. One of the known limitations for DLNA is that there is no procedure in the standard for syncing multiple DMRs to play the same source. Only proprietary sync solutions to DLNA like Sonos...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Kelwin on Tue, Sep 25 2012
    Filed under: masterlink, Playmaker, CAT7, DLNA, multiroom, DMR, BeoNet
  • Masterlink setup - questions

    Hi everyone! I've finally come to the point where I've gathered enough stuff and moved to a big enough apartment, that it makes sense to Masterlink it all thogether. I have a Beosystem 7000 that I'll connect via Beolink Converter to the ML network. The kitchen has a Beolab 2000. The bathroom...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Johan on Thu, Oct 11 2012
    Filed under: masterlink
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