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  • B&O Beoplay H9i Owners Poll

    Hi guys I have second h9i touchpad fail within 5 months... The touch gestures sometimes work, and most of the times don't work except for play/pause. I'd love to know how many people own H9i and if you have similar problems with the touch pad, as I can see many threads on reddit etc with the...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by arunashamal on Mon, Oct 14 2019
    Filed under: Beoplay, H9i, Bang & olufsen, Touchpad, don't work, touch pad
  • B&O H9i Touch control issues

    Hi I bought an H9i about 5 months ago. The 1st one I bought the touch controls didn't work out of the box. Next day replaced it. Got a new one everything is working fine. Now about after 5 months, the touch controls are finicky again. Play/pause work, other controls sometimes work. If I turn it of...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by arunashamal on Wed, Sep 11 2019
    Filed under: Beoplay, H9i, Touchpad, don't work
  • New H9i recently updated with the LED not working anymore

    I've just bought a new Natural color H9i, and when I was setting the device up, I updated it via my smartphone B&O App, and since that, my headphone started showing the following problems: - I'm unable to make the LED on it to work. - The App of my smartphone doesn't recognise the headphone...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Highor on Tue, Jul 9 2019
    Filed under: H9i
  • BeoPlay H9i Bluetooth Intereference

    I recently bought an H9i, Using it paired with an iPhone 6 . my problem is whenever I walk around the city the sound cuts off for a split second. This happens in places where there are many people of if vehicles go by. I usually put my iPhone on my left front jean pocket, home button side up and whenever...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by arunashamal on Wed, May 15 2019
    Filed under: Beoplay, headphone, Bluetooth, interference, H9, H9i, iPhone 6
  • If you could pick new functions/features upgrade for H9i - What would that be?

    Been reading about the H9i and like what I read, but don't like what I read about them in this forum when it comes to issues with the ANC. So if the folks here could make a wish list of what you would like to see of technical and function/feature improvements - What would that be then? Here is what...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by kimhav on Tue, Apr 2 2019
    Filed under: H9i
  • Beoplay H9i distortion?

    Hi guys, Is It just me with this problem? Listening to some tracks at higher volumes i start to hear different distortion in trebles and bass. I mostly listen via bluetooth and i use TIDAL with their loseless tracks. An example would be a song like Postmalone-Wow. Just me with this problem?☺️
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by aslpls on Tue, Jan 15 2019
    Filed under: Beoplay, H9i
  • Re: H9i hissing - high frequency sound

    Hi, just unboxed my pair of H9i and I noticed the same issue. It is exactly as you describe and not only audible for me but to other family members as well (of course only when they wear the headphones). Since this is the first experience when trying a brand new gear that is sold with the "superior...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by albatros on Fri, Dec 7 2018
    Filed under: H9i
  • Beolit 17 + H9i headphones and USB C charging

    Hi, Can you use the Apple 87W Power Adapter that comes with a Macbook Pro to charge the Beolit 17's and H9i headphones. I am not clear about what you can and can't do with USB C charging and some say it depends on the product standards and circuitry. Thank You
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Warra on Fri, Jul 13 2018
    Filed under: H9i, Beolit 17
  • Problems with new H9i's bought yesterday

    So I took the plunge and bought the H9i after listening to a pair of H9's at the local dealer. Brought them home and prepared myself for an evening of listening pleasure. How wrong was I. First off I upgraded the firmware to the latest version via the B&O app, so I have 5.03 Put the headphones...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Steph71 on Sat, May 12 2018
    Filed under: H9i
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