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  • Beogram 3000 (5228) DIN Wiring

    Hello All, I am missing a channel on my Beogram 3000 (5228), so i checked the DIN plug, and 2 wires was detached. see photo: Can someone tell me witch cable goes to what pin? hmm not easy to see on these images. Maybe someone has a diagram showing whats what? Thank you :) Allan
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by AllanDam on Tue, Nov 24 2020
    Filed under: Beogram 3000, turntable, DIN
  • Beogram 9500/MMC2 sound issue

    First post in this forum for me.I own/have owned a few B&O products. Bought a Beogram 9500 this wednesday. I have only one issue with it and I hope you can help me sort out what it is. The sound is really bad(distorted) when i start playing records. But if I disconnect and reconnect/wiggle the DIN7...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by bag on Sun, Apr 8 2018
    Filed under: problem, tangential, Beogram 9500, vinyl, turntable, mmc 2, Repair, setup, Tracking Force, vintage, Beogram turntable issue, distortion, beogram repair, DIN
  • How to connect a Beogram TX2 to a Beocenter 9500

    I´m wondering what is the best practice to connect my new TX2 to my Becocenter 9500. Does a simple Cinch to DIN adapter do the job? I´m sceptical because the Beogram output cinch cord house an integrated ground cable. Any help would be highly appreciated.
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by pizzafunghi on Wed, Mar 21 2018
    Filed under: beogram, TX2, DIN
  • Screw pins for 7 DIN Datalink

    Hi all! Does anyone have two spare screw pins for standard 7 DIN plug of Beogram 9500 (and probable any other) for sending/selling? Or any knowledge where is it possible to get them? BR, Mateusz
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by Mateusz on Thu, Feb 27 2020
    Filed under: beogram, DIN, plug, pin, screw, datalink, 7, pins
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