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  • Beovision 11 46 problems

    Hello to all, New members, first post. We've just bought a pre owned 11 46, from a private seller, principally to make use of our 8000's, 6000's and 2 in a surround sound set up. Having got it home we've connected it to a talktalk digital box and Samsung bluray player. Both work, but...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by LV2021 on Wed, Jul 21 2021
    Filed under: Beovision11
  • BV 11 - extern HDD to record?

    Hi all, Can I connect an external HDD via USB to a BV11 Mk I to use in order to record TV? I have just inherited a BV11-46 Mk I with no internal HDD and no satellite tuner (I use terrestrial digital as do not have a satellite dish). I only seem to be able to use the external USB HDD as a means to play...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by TWKS on Tue, Sep 1 2020
    Filed under: beovision 11, Beovision11, USB, beovison 11, #DIY, Record
  • Beolab 5 set up with Beovision 11

    Hey all. I want to maximise the sound and film experience with my Beolab 5's and was wondering if any of you have a guide on how to best set them up. I have obviously had a good play around but it is not clear on how to get the best bass out of them. I also have two 8000's for rear. I also wanting...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by alvinedyvane on Wed, Jul 8 2020
    Filed under: beolab 5, Beovision11, Beolab 2, Beolab 5 Beovision 11 Apple Mac Mini, Beolab 5 & core
  • Will there be an updated Beovision 11?

    After months of discussions, we finally decided to get a BV11-55 with an easel stand (to replace a 10-46) instead of an Avant. We will keep the 2 BL6000. The choice was made based on the more pleasant design of the 11 (especially considering its placement inside the house, the Avant stand is a deal breaker...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Marcello on Mon, Jan 26 2015
    Filed under: Beovision11, bv 11
  • Beovision 11 differences

    Can anyone please tell me the differences between the beovision 11 marks I, II, and III? I know that WISA was added at some point and there was a change to the front glass and the small AUX connection port was removed. What I want to know is what marks were those changes were made and if there were any...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Sal on Sun, Jan 25 2015
    Filed under: Beovision11
  • BeoVision11 AUDIO-ONLY (Beolab18) SOLUTION - how2 turn off the screen.

    Hello, Does anyone know how to configure the BeoVision11 to turn OFF the screen while sending audio to a Beolab18? I have an ATV3 connected to the the BeoVision11. I'm using AirPlay to send audio to the ATV3. The Beolab18 WiSA speakers sound amazing. But I don't want anything to show up on the...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Shawn on Fri, Jan 2 2015
    Filed under: audio, Apple TV, Beovision11, Apple TV gen. 3, WiSa, Beolab 18
  • BeoVision 11 and SCART

    couldn't find it here on the forum, hence: what's the most convenient way to (occasionally!!) connect SCART-only video equipment to a SCART-less BeoVision 11 ? btw: the AV-input is listed as "mini AV". Is this a nine-pin "mini DIN" ? would this be the one: (couldn't find...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by ReneB on Sun, Nov 9 2014
    Filed under: Beovision11
  • BeoVision 11 - Apple TV and AirParrot: Need help with streaming issue!

    Hello everyone, I need some advice/support/help/any good ideas on my streaming issue. My current setup: BeoVision 11 + Apple TV (3rd gen) + Airport Extreme + High End PC with WIN7 64bit The issue is as follows: I would very much like to stream movies and youtube stuff from my PC to my BeoVision 11. I...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by BeoWorldMan on Mon, Feb 4 2013
    Filed under: airport express, hdmi, AppleTV, Apple TV, Wireless, B&O audio strategy streaming iPhone, Beovision11, Smart-TV
  • Beovision 11: Two antenna cables needed for two simultaneous recordings?

    Hello! If I wish to record two programs simultaneously on a new Beovision 11, do I need to connect two antenna cables to the TV? I am running the cables in the wall now, and need to know before the wall is closed. Thank you in advance for your knowledge-sharing! RoMo.
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by roarmo on Wed, Jan 9 2013
    Filed under: Beovision11
  • Re: Beoplay V1 Software Update

    [quote user="Griebel"]It comes through aerial. Haven't heard that it works also via internet, but I may be wrong. [/quote] For Hbb-TV you need both (therefore "Hybrid") ARIAL or CABLE or SAT as well as INTERNET - have a look here:
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Vienna on Wed, Oct 31 2012
    Filed under: BeoPlay V1, Beovision11, Smart-TV, Hbb-TV
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