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  • Bluray player connection with BeoVision 6 22

    Hello, (for dutch people I am trying to connect my Sony bdp-s470 Bluray player with my BeoVision 6 22. I have tried many different cables, but the only thing that seems to work is a composite cable, which is the lowest quality connection. Now, I tried: RGB...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by benjarys on Wed, Apr 25 2012
    Filed under: scart, dvi, beovision 6, hdmi, bluray, troubles, help
  • Bluray connecteren met Beovision 6

    Dag iedereen, Een tijdje geleden heb ik op deze site de wonderlijke eerste prijs gewonnen (!): een BeoVision 6 22" Nu zit ik met het volgende... Ik probeer een blurayspeler (sony s470) aan te sluiten en dat lukt tot hiertoe enkel met een composiet kabel (zo een gele). Ik heb al van alles geprobeerd...
    Posted to BeoWorld Dutch (Forum) by benjarys on Mon, Apr 16 2012
    Filed under: problemen, hulp, scart, beovision 6, bluray
  • Beovision 6-26, DVB-T, missing channel C22 (482.0MHz)

    I have installed a DVB-T module (not HD) into my Beovision 6-26/Type 9272 according to the “mounting instruction for DVB module kit 1404220/1446600”. I only couldn’t carry out the last step of the instructions which is “for Beovision 6 only, use ServiceTool to update to M2 SW...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by misterbe on Sat, Sep 8 2012
    Filed under: software update, freeview module install, STB, beovision 6, digital
  • Help with Beovision 6 - how to turn panel / backlight off?

    Hi, I have a BeoVision 6 26" type 9250 (MKI) with a surround module that is connected to two pairs of BL6000's. The BV6 26 is connected to a media center through one of the scart connectors. When listening to music I would like to turn the panel off (mute the picture). After pressing the P-MUTE...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by lowroad on Thu, Jan 31 2013
    Filed under: beovision 6, BV6
  • Beovision 6 22 sound only input

    Hi guys i actually have a bv6 26 (2007) and have managed to make a sound only input using v.aux. i have my airport express hooked up to L & R pc speak input and when i turn on v.aux tv allows sound but screen is not turned on. Great. But.... i want to do the same on my girlfiends bv6 22 (2006) but...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Chris on Sat, Jan 19 2013
    Filed under: airport express, beovision 6
  • Beovision 6 + beo4 bedient via controller een Rebox 8500HD...maar niet helemaal.

    Hallo mensen, Ik heb vanmiddag een monteur thuis gehad en die heeft mijn Beovision 6 van een nieuwe settopbox lijst voorzien. Met deze nieuwe lijst kan ik mijn nieuwe satellietontvanger bedienen met de Beo4. Communicatie gaat via een IR oogje dat op de rebox is geplakt. Deze situatie had ik ook met mijn...
    Posted to BeoWorld Dutch (Forum) by praktic on Wed, Mar 20 2013
    Filed under: problemen, hulp, scart, decoder, beovision 6, IR sensor
  • beovision 6 22

    Good evening, Sorry to be a bit of a buffoon, but I'm having trouble getting my recently acquired beovision 6 22 (i think) to work. It dates from 2004/5 and I don't think it has an internal freeview tuner and I'm trying to hook it up to a variety of freeview boxes and dvd. I'd appreciate...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by mjac1970 on Mon, Nov 4 2013
    Filed under: beovision 6, beovision 6 23 22 26 2004 2005
  • BV6-26 Play Timer

    I would like to use the wake up timer of mine BV6-26 but when i look at the TV set up and go to the Play Timer, the timer index and the play timer programming are in a light grey text and are so not available. Is there anyone who can tell me how i can change this so it is available. The bv6-26 is in...
    Posted to BeoWorld Dutch (Forum) by Lief on Mon, Mar 3 2014
    Filed under: beovision 6
  • Which one for a bedroom TV? BV 7-32 MK3, Beocentre 6-26 or BV 8-32

    Hi Guys & Gall, Now that my romance has been rekindled with B&O through my latest purchase of a BV 7-40 I have been thinking of a B&O TV for the bedroom. Second life of course. I actually like all of them but my preference would be the BV7-32 for looks alone but it is obviously the largest...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by beolife on Sat, Dec 28 2013
    Filed under: BeoVision 8, Beovision 8 32, beovision 6, Beovision 7-32
  • Connecting BeoSystem 3 to BeoVision 6?

    Hi folks, I love my Beovision 6. But with just 1 digital input, it's not very future-proof when you want to attach several game consoles and an Apple TV. So I had this idea - if I bought and connect a BeoSystem 3 to the BV6, could I arrive at an integrated solution? What I have in mind: pressing...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Seven on Sun, Apr 6 2014
    Filed under: Beosystem 3, beovision 6, Beo 4
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