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  • Your B&O story

    Hi there guys, I thought it would be a nice idea to hear which B&O setups you have had during the past. What got you interested in the first place and how did your journey in the world of B&O develop through the years? I'm 25 and my parents have always been true to the brand. Back in the...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Beoberg on Fri, Nov 23 2012
    Filed under: beovision 8 40, Beolab 9, BeoSound 3000
  • BEO4 not communicate with BEOSOUND 3000 & BEOSOUND 1

    Please, I need your help!!!! U R G E N T I have a BEO4 (mk 3) which I use with Beosound1. Recently I got a used Beosound 3000 and connect it to a pair of Beolab 4000 . So i decided to use my Beo 4 with the Beosound 3000. Unfortunately, the BEO4 looks that it doesnt communicate with Beosound 3000. The...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Maverick on Mon, Dec 3 2012
    Filed under: Beo 4, Beosound 1, BeoSound 3000
  • Beosound Virgin needs advice on wireless options...

    Hi, I've had the good fortune of aquiring an old Beosound 3000 and a set of Beolab 8000 speakers. I think the laser has failed on the cd function so I'll really only be using my Ipad/iphone to stream music wirelessly and was wondering if anyone could possibly advise what my best options are on...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by warrendunn on Sat, Dec 15 2012
    Filed under: Beolab 8000, tv, Surround Sound, 8000, beolap 8000, speakers, Beosound, BeoSound 3000
  • Playmaker with BS3000

    Hello all, I'm itching to get a playmaker but I had some questions which I was hoping you B&O experts would help me out with. I have a BS3000 and still love it (yes, I still listen to CDs....I get a kick out of seeing the doors open up for me to put in my discs lol) so I would like to continue...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by g8who on Fri, Jan 11 2013
    Filed under: beolab 5, Playmaker, Beosound, BeoSound 3000
  • Beosound 3000 non responsive

    My daughter has been using a Beosound 3000 with Beolab 2500 speakers for several years. About a month ago, the BS3000 quit working. The red standby light is on and the CD clamper will open and close, but that is it. I am hoping for an easy fix. Any clue here? It will not repond to the remote and it will...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Michael on Mon, Mar 25 2013
    Filed under: BeoSound 3000
  • Beosound 3000 of Beocenter 2300

    Ik heb een vraagje, klinkt wellicht gek of raar, maar is het mogelijk om een Beocenter 2300 met rechte laser (cdpro) terug om te bouwen naar de originele draaiarm laser? (heb nog twee werkende 16bit dac printen liggen) domweg omdat ik die beter vind klinken dan de cdpro. Is het ook mogelijk om de Beosound...
    Posted to BeoWorld Dutch (Forum) by kronzilla on Sun, Sep 15 2013
    Filed under: Beosound 3000, Beocenter 2300
  • BeoSound 3000 & Record Player

    Hey Everyone, Been looking around here and other places on-line but unable to find a definitive answer. I am wondering if there is any way you can connect a record player (ideally any one, hopefully not just a beogram) to a BeoSound 3000? - Can it be done? - Can I use any record player? - Do I need a...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by clkz0r on Tue, Dec 3 2013
    Filed under: BeoSound 3000
  • sticky doors!!! BS3000

    Doors on my beosound 3000 open automatically but very rarely close now ,i know its old unit but its still very good ,is there a quick fix to solve this problem? my buddy is building house next to me and its very dusty now and i think maybe its clogged but i dont know how to remove doors and clean and...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by daddypaul69 on Sat, Mar 29 2014
    Filed under: BeoSound 3000
  • Beosound 3000 not responding to keys, only remote through Beovision Avant

    I have a 3000 with a master link into my beovision avant 32. The beovision avant is then connected to the bro lab 8000 and beolab 2. the problem is that the keypad (except load) on the Beosound 3000 is no longer responding at all. I can only start the CD player by using the beo4 remote through the beovision...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Richard Hale on Sat, Dec 27 2014
    Filed under: BeoSound 3000, keypad
  • BeoSound 3000 and Essence

    Hello, I have a following question: I have a combo of Beosound Essence + pair of Beolab 6000's and Beolab 11. If I want to connect also my old Beosound 3000 from another room into this, what would be the best way? Note, there is only one AUX IN in Essence and I have my TV in that, so if there is...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Tavast on Tue, Oct 7 2014
    Filed under: BeoSound 3000, essence
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