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  • How can you identify a Beolink Converter with no label?

    Hey folks, I'm setting up a Masterlink connection to my Beosystem 7000. To this end, I'm using a Beolink Converter I got together with some other kit in an online classified ad. I connect the audio aux link between the Beomaster 7000, and Masterlink from the Converter to a Beolink Passive. However...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by toresbe on Sun, Nov 11 2018
    Filed under: Beolink converter, masterlink
  • How to Enable BLC Line-In?

    As the BeoLink Converter (BLC) has line-in connectivity I've been trying to figure out how to actually enable this port and make use of it (for my turntable; BeoGram 2000). But, I've only been able to make the IR-mapping A.AUX to the BLC (product name) and LINE IN (NL source) and when checking...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by kimhav on Sun, May 1 2016
    Filed under: Beolink converter, line-in, A.AUX, BeoSound Moment, BLC
  • BLC NL/ML + BeoLab 3500 problems

    Hi B&O community! I'm experiencing some problem with my BLC and my BL 3500. But first, let me quickly give you an overview about my setup: BV Avant 55, connected to a router (NL) BL Gateway, connected to a router (NL) and the BL3500 (ML) BLC, setup as AV Master, connected to the router and to...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by airmax_zh on Fri, Apr 22 2016
    Filed under: Beolink converter, beolab 3500, Beovision Avant 55, BeoLink Gateway
  • Different versions of the BeoLink converter / Can a Beolink Converter 1611 be used instead of a Beolink video 1615?

    Gentlemen, As seen here , I am looking for ways to connect both a Beovision MX7000 and Beocenter 9300 to Master Link. This requires a Beolink Converter, and they have been available in different versions. According to Vienna in this post; The 1613 was an EU version introduced 1995 and predecessor to...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Fod on Sat, Feb 6 2016
    Filed under: Beolink converter, 1611, 1615, 1614, 1610, 1612, 1613, Beolink Video
  • Multiroom - BV7+8002's or A6?

    Happy that we finally have a multiroom music solution without wires. I'm looking to be able to listen to Deezer in the living room, kitchen, and a bedroom. So far all I have is a BV7-40 attached to a pair of 8002's in the living room, so was planning on getting an A6 for the kitchen and another...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by k984942 on Thu, Feb 4 2016
    Filed under: Beolink converter, multiroom
  • ??? BEOLINK Multiroom function for my BV11-55, BEOSOUND9000, BEOLAB 3500 and Beomaster 7000

    Dear B&O, I need your advice about the multi-room solution for my current setup; I have following B&O hardware: - 1 BV11-55 TV - 2 Beolab 8000 speakers - 1 Beosound 9000 - 1 Beolab 3500 - 2 Wireless 1 with masterlink (currently for beosound 9000 and beolab 3500) - 1 Beomaster 7000 - 1 Beogram...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by danielshen on Tue, Jan 12 2016
    Filed under: Beolink converter
  • Connect BL 8000 with Philips TV?

    Hey Beoworlders, I got the BeoLab 8000 Speakers (bought in 1996) and would like to connect them with the Philips 5500 Series TV. As far as I know there is a Powerlink cable connection on the speakers. Atm the speakers are connected with the BeoSound Ouverture CD/Tape/Tuner Is there a possibility to connect...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by AL3333333X on Sat, Jul 12 2014
    Filed under: Beolink converter, scart, hdmi, help, digital, audio, Beolab 8000, Aux, converter, Connection, Powerlink, Surround Sound, 8000, Help required, smart tv, AV9000 Setup Aux, Smart-TV, speakers, loudspeakers, A.AUX, channel out, problem, speaker, optical connections, AV 9000 Master Panel Converter Powerlink, Aux input, advice, Beolab 8000 Beosound 9000, high end powerlink cable, active speakers, Beolink MCL 2A Powerlink Speakerlink Beolab, digital media, Samsung, sound, beolab 8000 Beosound 2300, audio problems, Adapter
  • Boring Whistle: Beovision 10 + Converter 1611 + Beocenter 6000

    Hello, My Beovision 10 is linked via a Converter 1611 to my Beocenter 9000. The audio playback of the Beovison's signal on the Beocenter's loudspeakers starts as expected (i.e. flawlessly), but after about a quarter of an hour, a boring high frequency whistle (definitely > 10 kHz) becomes...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Cybercaver on Tue, Nov 26 2013
    Filed under: Beolink converter, masterlink, Beovison 10
  • BS9000 with Passive Link and MCL2P

    Hello- I'm brand new to B&O products, so please forgive the dumb questions. I have just moved into a new place that has B&O speakers wired into the celings. There are altogether 3 rooms (one livingroom/diningroom downstairs and 2 separate bedrooms upstairs). The bedrooms upstairs each have...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by ciotera on Sun, May 5 2013
    Filed under: Beolink converter, BEOSound 9000, Beolink, Beolink Passive, amp, 9000
  • Beosound Ouverture - MCL2p -Link

    I have an old Beocenter 2500 and a MCL link system (extra speakers kit) connected via Powerlink cable and a MCL2P amplifier. Does anyone know if I can replace the Beocenter 2500 with a Beosound Ouverture (without having to replace the MCL2P with a ML-/MCL converter)? All information is appreciated
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Gone_Fishing on Sat, Mar 2 2013
    Filed under: MCL, Beolink converter, beosound 2300, converter, masterlink, Beolink, Powerlink, MCL 2P, Link, Amplifier
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