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  • Beolab 3 vs Beolab 4 as rear speakers

    My Beovision 12 arrives in 10 days and I am now wondering whether to upgrade my rear speakers in honor of this. I currently have Beolab 9's as front speakers ( connected to BV9 currently but to be connected to BV12 ) and have Beolab 4's as rear speakers ( on floor stands behind my sofa ). My...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Neil on Tue, Apr 3 2012
    Filed under: Beolab 4
  • Re: BeoSystem 3 locked or faulty? Suggestions pls !

    Unfortunately both suggestions didn't work out. Tried a crossed RS323 link and also V.OPT 1 as Casper suggested :( UPDATE: I have found that I have some video output from AV1 and AV2 scarts only. There is a timer like icon for 30seconds and then a messaage ... ALCUNE INFORMATION DISPONIBLE SUR LES...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by alltvrepairs on Tue, Jan 22 2013
    Filed under: software, Beolab 4, Beosystem 3, B&O Beolab, Beo 4, display, Help required, Beosystem 4, Beosystem 1, Beovision 4, Beosystem 2, Beolab, plasma, beovision 4/42
  • BeoSystem 3 locked or faulty? Suggestions pls !

    Hi, I have hooked up the Beosystem 3 to a Beovision 4 . When powering up, a green LED on the Beosystem is on for 30 seconds and then switched OFF again. At this time the Standby RED LED on top of the TV (Link eye pcb?) is lit steadily on. My problem is that I am not able to switch on TV and don't...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by alltvrepairs on Mon, Jan 21 2013
    Filed under: Beolab 4, Beo 5, Beovision 3, Beosystem 3, B&O Play TV, B&O Play TV V1, B&O Beolab, Beo 4, beo4, display, chassis, Cabling, AV amps, Help required, beosystem, beocable, VGA, Beosystem 2, Network Link, Smart-TV, bang olufsen, Link, Beo6, Beo5, problem, opinion, beovision 4/42, integration
  • Beolab 4 (The Powerlink Version - not the PC Version) - which 3.5mm cable do I need to connect to computer?

    I moved last december to my new house, since then my old rear speakers (Beolab 4) were just sitting on a shelf because I never did a full re-install of my old surround set-up. A few weeks ago my iMac which I frequently used to listen to music had critical failure and I bought a new Macbook Pro 13"...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by NTMF on Sat, Oct 25 2014
    Filed under: Beolab 4, 3.5mm connector
  • No sound from front speakers connected to BeoSystem 3

    Hi BeoWorld members. I'm quite new on the forum. So please excuse me if i posted this in the wrong category. A couple of months ago i bought a couple of Beolab 8000 used from a B&O dealership in the town i'm living in. As i had just sold my old BeoMaster 7000 a few months prior to that, i...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by 8000Kristian on Tue, Jun 28 2016
    Filed under: Beolab 4, Beosystem 3, Beolab 8000, Beo 4, beovision 4-50
  • Beolab 4 damaged speaker

    Hi, I have since some years a Beolab 4, now one of the speakers is damaged. I tested the one that is working in the other side, this way I confirmed is the speaker. I have done some research, but havent found where to buy an spare speaker. Also maybe find a troubleshooting guide, since the led is red...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by pjohansson on Tue, Dec 26 2017
    Filed under: Beolab 4
  • Beovision 10 speaker upgrade -> Beolab 4, Beolab 4000 or Beolab 14 4.1?

    Hi, I want to upgrade my BV10 to a more decent stereo setup (potentially surround) but I'm not sure what compact speaker to choose. Sound sources will mainly be: spotify through chromecast, SACD through my NAS, and vinyls through my Rega p9 My choices are these: BL 4000: A true classic compact speaker...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Aabo on Thu, Jan 18 2018
    Filed under: Beolab 4, beovision 10, Beolab 4000, Beolab, beolab 14
  • Beosound 4 to Beolab 4

    I have just bought a used Beosound 4 music centre together with two Beolab 4 speakers. The Beosound 4 appears to work fine, listening to the radio and the cd player through a headset connected to the headset output on the Beosound 4. When I connected the headset to the Aux Out points on the Beosound...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by noby39 on Tue, Apr 2 2019
    Filed under: Beolab 4, BeoSound 4, connections, cables., Aux In/Out
  • BeoLab 4 + subwoofer ... which subwoofer should I get?

    Hi all, Recently received a pair of (used) BeoLab 4 as a gift. Would like to keep them but would also like to add a subwoofer for bass. They are in a room of about 12 x 16 feet and I like to listen to electronic music! I have no other B&O gear; I just plug my laptop/phone straight in through a 3...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by josephacthomas on Sat, Sep 28 2019
    Filed under: Beolab 4, Beolab 4
  • Re: Flash your B&O - new thread!

    Hi there, just a short update from my side. Finally my lady let me get into my new office and the first things I needed to put up the wall are attached ;-). Playmaker to follow on Tuesday I guess. Cheers, Lars
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Lars on Sun, Mar 24 2013
    Filed under: Beolab 4, Playmaker
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