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  • Beogram 3000 (Type 5228) – dead channel problem

    Hello, I came across this wonderful forum while looking for a solution to my problem: A while ago I purchased a Beogram 3000 (Type 5228). The player itself was not in the best optical condition but since it was relatively cheap I wanted to give it a try. After some cleaning I tested it only to find out...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by mgrottendieck on Mon, Apr 23 2012
    Filed under: Beogram 1200 1202 1203 3000
  • BeoGram 1203 Tonarm connectors

    I just picked up a throwaway BG1203 - actually 2, and I hope to get one functional unit out of them. They're both falling apart with lots of loose bits inside. If anyone wants spares - let me know, and what I have left over when I'm finished, you're welcome. Here is something I've not...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by Menahem Yachad on Sun, Apr 1 2012
    Filed under: Beogram 1200 1202 1203 3000
  • Beogram 1200 with bent silencer switch

    Thanks, in advance, for reading this post. I have a Beogram 1200 which I'm trying to get working again. While examining the innards, I noticed that the switch which silences the pickup signal seems to have been bent out of shape. Please see the image below. It's all curved, whereas in the owners...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by sm2n on Sun, May 6 2012
    Filed under: Beogram 1200 1202 1203 3000
  • Problem with Beogram 1203. The new belt won't stay in place.

    Hi, I finally got my Beogram 1203 to turn again. I bought a new belt for it and it works well as long as I stay on the 17 or 30 position. But when I put it on 25, the belt goes off and passes under the platter. For now, it's not a big problem. When I want to listen to a 33 rpm, I just put it on 30...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by tlacatlolli on Tue, Nov 6 2012
    Filed under: problem, Beogram 1200 1202 1203 3000
  • Beogram 1203 - Speed change mechanism part needed

    Hi All I'm am desperately looking for a part for my Beogram 1203 turntable - the speed change mechanism.The plastic to my current one has become brittle and snapped. Does anybody have a spare part they'd be willing to sell, or alternatively know where I might be able to locate one? Thanks for...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by eddevey84 on Mon, Jul 22 2013
    Filed under: Beogram 1200 1202 1203 3000
  • Beogram 1200 restoration project

    Hi All, I'm new to this so please bear with me if I ask a few novice questions. My Dad and I are about to embark on a restoration of a Beogram 1200...I've always loved the design and recall great sound when I was a kid. I've spent a bit of time reading the existing work many of you have done...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by RNWZA on Tue, Oct 14 2014
    Filed under: Beogram 1200 1202 1203 3000
  • beogram 1200 restoration

    i have a beogram 1200 i have been restoring and the automatic cueing mechanism drops about 5 mm to far out so if you were to just leave it it would not hit the run in groove and play but fall of how to adjust this , if anyone knows how to adjust this it would be much appreciated
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by beo3000 on Thu, Sep 24 2015
    Filed under: problem, Beogram 1200 1202 1203 3000, lift, beogram, operation, Repair, setup, help, issues
  • Re: beogram 1203

    i have that manual but it does not show the set up with no micro switch at the lift button / bar to connect to micro switch at the plater gear / there is no relay box in this set up i just dont see how to connect into the micro switch at the plater gears
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by peter196464 on Thu, Jul 23 2015
    Filed under: Beogram 1200 1202 1203 3000
  • Beogram 1200

    Hi guys! My wife got me a beautiful Beogram 1200 as a christmas gift. From what I can tell the belt has fallen off probably due to age so i would assume i would need to replace it before i can get it up and running. From what i heard changing the belt for the beogram 1200 differes from other players...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by artemson on Tue, Jan 5 2016
    Filed under: Beogram 1200 1202 1203 3000
  • Beogram 1203 adjustments.

    Hey everybody. ive just got myself a beogram 1203 which is a lovely turntable. the only thing wrong with it is that i just cant seem to get the speed right and i can´t find out how to correctly use the adjustment wheel on the left (not the 30/25 17 one). also i think that i need to relubricate...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by Mads_LR on Wed, Jul 20 2016
    Filed under: Beogram 1200 1202 1203 3000, slow, speed, Beogram 1203
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