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  • Not possible to activate A.AUX in link room (BeoLink Active)

    Hi, My setup: In the master room I have a BeoSound 4. In my link room I have a speakerset (Beolab 4), connected to a BeoLink Active (SW 1.1, type 1636) with IR eye. The BeoSound 4 is in option 2, the link room in option 6. Standing in the link room, I can turn on the BeoSound 4 in the master room, pressing...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Knakker on Tue, Nov 13 2012
    Filed under: Aux, Beo 4, beo4, BeoLink Active, Beosound, A.AUX, BeoSound 4
  • AirPlay and BeoSound 5 / BeoMaster 5 or BeoMedia

    Hi to all, I am quite new to this forum but I own some B&O stuff for several years. :-) With this thread I want to share a nice thing that I found out with my BeoSound 5. I always wanted to have a direct AirPlay feature in this great pice of technic but it seams that B&O ist not able to include...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by BeoMotion on Wed, Dec 4 2013
    Filed under: airport express, BeoSound 5, BeoMaster 5, A.AUX, AirPlay iPhone, Beosound 5 Beomaster 5 BV7-40, Airplay, Beomedia 1, airplay beosound5
  • A.AUX on BeoSound 9000

    Hello, I have a BeoSound 9000 set up with an Apple Airport Express wired into the AUX input, every time I want to listen to my music I have get up and press the A.AUX button on the control panel of the BeoSound 9000. Is there a way I can change to A.AUX using my Beo4 remote control?
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by keltonewing on Sat, Apr 5 2014
    Filed under: BEOSound 9000, Beo 4, A.AUX, Aux input, 9000, beosound 9000
  • Connect BL 8000 with Philips TV?

    Hey Beoworlders, I got the BeoLab 8000 Speakers (bought in 1996) and would like to connect them with the Philips 5500 Series TV. As far as I know there is a Powerlink cable connection on the speakers. Atm the speakers are connected with the BeoSound Ouverture CD/Tape/Tuner Is there a possibility to connect...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by AL3333333X on Sat, Jul 12 2014
    Filed under: Beolink converter, scart, hdmi, help, digital, audio, Beolab 8000, Aux, converter, Connection, Powerlink, Surround Sound, 8000, Help required, smart tv, AV9000 Setup Aux, Smart-TV, speakers, loudspeakers, A.AUX, channel out, problem, speaker, optical connections, AV 9000 Master Panel Converter Powerlink, Aux input, advice, Beolab 8000 Beosound 9000, high end powerlink cable, active speakers, Beolink MCL 2A Powerlink Speakerlink Beolab, digital media, Samsung, sound, beolab 8000 Beosound 2300, audio problems, Adapter
  • Beocenter 2 Verbindung mit Samsung TV aus 2014

    Hallo, gerne würde ich meinen Samsung TV aus 2014 mit meinem Audio Setup von B&O verbinden um den Ton aus dem TV auch in der B&O Qualität erleben zu können. Ich habe ein Beocenter 2 mit einem Beolab 2 sowie 2 Beolab 6000. Probiert habe ich bereits über "Headphones"...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by io1102 on Tue, Feb 10 2015
    Filed under: Masterlink Gateway, masterlink, tv, spotify, A.AUX, Beocenter 2, manual beolab 6000, Beolab 2, beo 6000
  • BL2000

    Hi everybody, In my masterlink system there are two link speaker BL2000, which are working very well regarding Radio, CD, N.Music and N.Radio. Recently I have upgraded the BS9000 with a ChromecastAudio connected to AUX-input, where command A.AUX is used for operation. It works fine on all units (BS9000...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by carlgg on Sat, Mar 5 2016
    Filed under: A.AUX, BL2000
  • How to Enable BLC Line-In?

    As the BeoLink Converter (BLC) has line-in connectivity I've been trying to figure out how to actually enable this port and make use of it (for my turntable; BeoGram 2000). But, I've only been able to make the IR-mapping A.AUX to the BLC (product name) and LINE IN (NL source) and when checking...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by kimhav on Sun, May 1 2016
    Filed under: Beolink converter, line-in, A.AUX, BeoSound Moment, BLC
  • Re: Beovision 11 Spotify / music combo

    For a BeoVision 10, I installed an Apple AirPort Express and hooked up its audio cable but no video cable to the paired input. Sure, it isn't B&O, and you can't see the "curtains" draw back when powering up, and you don't get to drive the app on the TV screen. BUT. It's...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by trackbeo on Tue, Oct 10 2017
    Filed under: A.AUX, Airplay
  • Re: Lossless streaming: Can you really hear a difference?

    Hi-res music needs a proper DAC - neither a PC nor the Moment have audiophile DAC's. Whether you can be (or any of us) can bothered to go that route is a different question. And whether the uplift in quality is worth the extra cost is subjective. If you're unsatisfied with regular Deezer or Deezer...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by Sandyb on Fri, Jan 25 2019
    Filed under: A.AUX
  • BeoSound 4: Noise when using RCA and Masterlink Inputs

    During a move and subsequent re-installation of a BeoSound 4 system, I decided to make some additions to the setup so that it fits better with my "modern media" setup. Specifically, I connected the TV to the system so I can enjoy the sound of my Beolab 4 speakers for movies. Furthermore I purchased...
    Posted to General Discussion & Questions (Forum) by jacobwb on Sat, Jun 1 2019
    Filed under: airport express, masterlink, Powerlink, A.AUX, BeoSound 4, RCA connectors, Beolab 4, Hall Audio
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