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  • Beogram 5500 won't turn on

    Hello all, So my beogram 5500 won't turn on, for a little while it would turn on but the arm wouldn't move, now hitting the power button does nothing. The beomaster still turns on and works fine. I spoke to a local B&O store and they said they could have it repaired with a $90 estimate fee...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by baddo on Wed, Feb 13 2013
    Filed under: beogram, 5500
  • Problems getting a Beogram to play my records properly

    Hello fellow Beophiles, I am having a problem getting a Beogram turntable playing properly in my system. I have a Beocenter 9500 in one room and a BeoSystem 6500 (no turntable) in another I have a Beogram RX and recently acquired a Beogram 5500 and I have MMC2 cartridge/stylus 1.) Am I correct that the...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by KevinH. on Thu, Dec 3 2015
    Filed under: 5500, Beogram 5500, Beogram RX2, Beomaster 6500, 6500
  • Turntable blocked

    What might the problem be on my Beogram 5500...? Here's a summary of what's happening: The turntable was going fine, then it just stopped, but I could still hear the motor whirring quietly. I pressed the red dot button to return the tonearm to its off position, but it didn't budge - it's...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by rumour2 on Mon, Oct 24 2016
    Filed under: 5500, turntable
  • Beogram 5500 String Help

    Hi! I recently acquired a BeoSystem 5500 and am having trouble with the Beogram turntable and the tone arms not moving along the tracking. I've opened her up and everything is in place as it should be (according to manual diagrams and pictures from the internet) except the white string inside has...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by hotmessjessxx on Sun, Oct 8 2017
    Filed under: tonearm, problem, Beogram 5500, tangential, beogram, 5500, tangential arm issues, Beogram 5500, tracking, Beogram 5500 buzz, linear, turntable, record, Repair, Beoram 4000 slider tracking problems, help, Tracking Force, Beogram tonearm, issues, Beogram turntable issue, record player, beogram repair, pulley
  • Recommendations on shops to rebuild BeoGram 5500 turntables?

    I have two BeoGram 5500 turntables. One is working and I use it daily. However it has never been cleaned and serviced as far as I know. The other 5500 has some issues and also needs some service. I am considering sending both to Pyramid Audio in Austin, TX. It is only a couple of hours drive from my...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by Couldbfishin on Sat, Jan 5 2019
    Filed under: Beogram 5500, beogram, 5500, beogram repair
  • Should I rebuild my MMC3 or buy a new cartridges for my Beogram 5500's?

    I have two Beogram 5500 turntables with MMC3 cartridges. One of the cartridges has a broken cantilever and the other is useable but worn. I see many different rebuild services on eBay and have looked at the SoundSmith website. I would like to hear from others that have had B&O cartridges rebuilt...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by Couldbfishin on Sat, Jan 5 2019
    Filed under: Beogram 5500, 5500, Beogram 5500, cartridge replacement, cartridge, mmc 2, Repair, MMC
  • Beogram 6500 Dust Cover/Lid Compatibility?

    Hi all! My dust cover/lid on my white 6500 is cracked to a point where it needs to be replaced. Similar covers of Beogram models (5500, 5005, 5000, etc.) look similar, however not sure if these are essentially the same cover as the 6500. If so, it would be a lot easier to acquire a replacement as I rarely...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by Adam on Thu, Apr 19 2018
    Filed under: Beogram 5005, beogram, 5500, Beogram 5500, beogram 5000, turntable, 5000, Beomaster 6500, 6500, vintage, 5005, record player, Beogram 6500
  • Beogram 5500 tone arm lowers too soon

    Hello, De tone arm of my Beogram 5500 lowers too soon and the needle will not find a groove but slide back off the record. I did not have this problem before, it started suddenly. Does anybody have an idea what might be causing this. Maybe some sensor for the tone arm to know when to lower itself is...
    Posted to BeoGram (Forum) by Brammie on Tue, Sep 24 2019
    Filed under: tonearm, 5500, Beogram 5500, vinyl, stopping, Repair, beogram repair, tone arm, beogram 5500 arm
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