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DD module beovision 6 and MX8000 t4005 same?

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dougie747 posted on Sat, Mar 1 2014 8:29 AM


Hi, I'm looking for a Beovision 6 with a DSS module, but I don't come across them allot. I have a MX8000 with a t4005 module as well as masterlink (t4015/t4016).

In a pricelist a noticed that practically all module numbers seem to be the same for the MX8000 and the beovision 6.
Now, can I swap the module, and have the MX8000 still working, and put in a BV 6-26?

Would narrow my search.

Thanks for the answers in advance,


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I think that to have 2 pcs of brand new DD module for BV 6.

I check in my despoit and re-mail to you. Pls give me your email.


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I have the same question, only in this case not for the mx8000, 

but the Beovision 3 28" (also a t4005)


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