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Playing Digital video files with B&O

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MJBeo posted on Sun, Jan 26 2014 3:46 PM

Hi Guys,

I have a NAS full of music, videos, series and photos. I am now streaming all these through a Lacinema Black Max media player using DLNA. Being a Beofan, I was looking for a B&O alternative, but I cannot find it:

- Beomedia does not seem to play large video files and is not suppose to (and of course everything has to be put on the machine itself)

- HDR1/2 has no option to put files on it from the computer

So, I need to buy raspberry pi with b&o compatible IR eye, any other media player with a IR control via Beovision, or a Beovision 11 with DLNA included. Do I miss anything?

Anyone want's to share their setup? O and PS: I do not want to leave my computer on (crazy apple TV), or convert every AVI clip that come from my camera into another specific format to be able to play it.



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symmes replied on Tue, Jan 28 2014 12:56 AM


As far as I know Kaleidescape rips the BRD, but in order to play, it needs the physical disc to be present. True, the GUI is fast and looks very slick, but with a HTCP running XBMC you will experience the same.

The firmware update Oppo had to do last year to disable ISO playback, is a major downgrade.

Good insight.

That's correct about the BR disc in place. but Kaleidescape still requires external processing to decode HD Audio. This thread suggests you can't have it all. 

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Nice product, it's a shame it does not come with a DVD-2 jacket. 

Why are you crying in the wilderness? Not many fans?

I agree! It boggles the mind that B&O did not strike a deal with Oppo to have a B&O version encased in brushed aluminum. It would have looked perfect stacked on top of a BeoSystem 3.

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There is a tv - and there is a BV.

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