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Need advice with my Beomaster 5000 system

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Christian Thams
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Copenhagen, Denmark
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Christian Thams posted on Tue, Jan 21 2014 7:05 PM


Two years ago my dad bought a new stereo and I got to take over his Beomaster 5000, Beogram CD5500 and Beogram 5005 (MMC3). I got a hold of a pair of Dali 107 speakers (for free) and have been using them for the past two years.

Last year my Beomaster started to lower the volume automatically when it went above 3.2 I ignored it at first then the more I used it the lower the threshold became, eventually it wouldn't power up at all. I took it to a local HIFI guy who fixed it and I could use it normally. I then moved across the country and couldn't use it for ca 5-6 months but finally I found a permanent apartment, set-up my system, used it and after a day or two it started to lower the volume. As of now it works but I am careful with the volume setting.

In short he Beomaster 5000 needs an overhaul. I am wondering if my speakers might be partially to blame (other than old electronics), they have 4ohm impedance and the Beomaster 5000 sends a 8ohm signal, is this an issue? Also just to be curious with a Beomaster 5000 does an active or passive Penta speaker work better?

I'm pretty sure restoring the Beomaster will cost a lot of money (and I'm a student :/), It would be fun to try to do it myself but I'm worried about screwing it up. The MCP 5000, CD5500 and Beogram 5005 still works fine and my only problem is the Beomaster. For the money the repairs cost I could buy a pretty sweet system but I do love that stack of black and aluminium, it's been with me all my life. Do you guys think this system is worth restoring?

Best regards, Christian

*EDIT* I may have posted this in the wrong forum category, please move if this is the case. Sorry...

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Send DILLEN a PM with a link to your post; and just in case and as back up check eBay for BM5000s in your area

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Christian Thams
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Copenhagen, Denmark
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Thanks to the search function I fixed it!

I have been searching like a maniac through the forums and saw that a few years ago someone had the same problem as me and people gave him ALOT of tips that I could follow and fixed it. 

I tried playing my system without speakers and it didn't lower, than I saw a post that stated if the speaker cable connections were touching that could cause the Automatic Power Handling Control to activate. Looked at my DIN connection and what do ya' know? They were touching. Stripped the cables, checked for the right polarity, re-attached them and now I'm listening to my awesome Beomaster 5000 at 4.0 with loudness.

Hope you guys have a good one!

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that's always good to read that problems are sometimes easy to solve (with probably a lot of time to find them ;)) !

Happy end !

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Leslie replied on Wed, Jan 22 2014 9:16 PM

Good thing! Problems can be solved much easier than you think!

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