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My forum experience and suggestions

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Søren Mexico
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Søren Mexico posted on Wed, Feb 8 2012 6:09 PM

Here my suggestions for the look/feel

Home: Center OK

Right side: 1st (Up), Forums, 2nd Blogs, 3rd Wiki, 4th Media, but drop down menu to the diff. sorts.

Blogs: Center OK

Right side: 1 Blogs, include write a new blog, 2 Short cuts, 3 tags, 4 Arch. forum, but drop down menu to forums

Media: Center OK

Left side: Arch. Forum as drop down.

Forums: Center, upper frame OK,  2nd Frame, Browse and Forums 1st, text with member contribution etc. 2nd.

Right side: 1 Short cuts, 2 Members online, 3 Tags, 4 Most Active users, 5 Arch. Forum as drop down

Wikis: OK

Faqs: To do.

I like the new web and its easy to work, looks good and has more features then the old one.

As the Forum is where most new user goes at the first visit, I would like to have in the Header, a faq or description how to use it, upload pics, start conservation or mail ETC we answer these to frequently.

So there will be the Main faq as is and when you come to the forum, one just for the forum.

I will go on testing, to find flaws (nearly perfect now) and maybe new ideas, but this is an impressive work Kieth, congrats.

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