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Beomaster 5500 Emitter Resistors

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Busterhi posted on Mon, Aug 19 2013 9:15 PM

I have recently bought a Beogram 5500 the owner stated the unit will not power up.

I checked all four emitter resistors, left side near cooling fins, on the multimeter no resistance recorded on the meter. R428 R429 R228 R229.

Trim pots need replacing.

I have checked the internet and unsuccessful finding this type of carbon resistor. l presume the resistor must be carbon because it produces heat. As a normal resistor would burn out.

Also I have found the ceramic type however, too large to fit in a confined space, and the lowest wattage ceramic is 2watt and I think this is too much. I think 1.2 watts is the maximum. Got voltage trimmers already.

So can anybody post me details regarding emitter resistor values,wattage, plus % either way.

And post details of where I can purchase this type of carbon resistor. Thanks to all people who reply.

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MartinM did a great post on the old forum that might help restore the BM 5500 to its former glory

NB and if you are a silver member you can download the 5500 service manual from this site

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