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beogram 4004 diaphragm foto resister bulb

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GEOMARK posted on Fri, Mar 15 2013 1:54 AM

hi hopping some one can help me ..i have a beogram 4004 with a burnt bulb for the foto resistor.want to replace it but not sure of the watts and volts ..i think 20 volts. thanks

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Menahem Yachad
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Do you mean the Photo-resistor for the sliding Ruler?

If so, it is an infra-red LED, and you can't see any visible light.

You can do a normal diode check with a multimeter, to determine if it is OK.


Unless someone has fiddled with the circuit, and destroyed it, these usually last a lifetime.

Did you try to test it by putting 20V across the terminals - then you've destroyed it for sure.


If you are referring to the lamp at the base of the tonarm, then that can be replaced by a white LED, with 1K 1Watt dropping resistor.


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