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B&O Flexibility???

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gmittal posted on Sat, Mar 2 2013 7:57 AM

Guys, I'm a huge B&O fan and so don't get me wrong on this. But i'm wondering why B&O cant make its products flexible? Nowadays, people's lifestyles and tastes have changed/ evolved. And thanks to companies like apple, people are getting used to making their lives easier, not complicated. B&O "specialises" in link room/ integrating, automating AV systems in houses. However, when you get into a purchase mode you realize how inflexible the whole system is - there's terms like Master, Slave, AV can only be transferred in a one way stream and not backwards etc. You know what I'm talking about.

Why can't the people at B&O realize the needs of their customers TODAY. People want to uncomplicate, unclutter their lives. What they need is an easy to operate system where there is a central AV server (e.g. a BeoMaster) connected to TVs and BS Encores all around the house. Kids can watch anything they want in their room (from the BeoMaster) on their BV7 while the parents can watch programs of their own liking on their BV10 or 11 - All from the central server - the BeoMaster. Same for audio (by using BS Encore or whatever else). Why is this simple yet intuitive concept so difficult for B&O to understand? A lot of the other companies are already doing it. Why not B&O?  

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Gatex replied on Sat, Mar 2 2013 8:44 AM

they will, after doomsday.

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"Why is this simple yet intuitive concept so difficult for B&O to understand? A lot of the other companies are already doing it"

If they use wired and multiroom system and sell Audio and Video products that can be showed without shame, please name them.

Personnally, I don't need b&o for streaming audio or video, I can find accessories in other brands for that.

When you want a WIRED system combined with these kind of timeless a/v products , there is few choices.

 I think that their wired system is good but need to be modernised.

That's what they do (nl/ml integration).

Too slowly, maybe.

They shouldn't abandon the 2 ways control decades ago and improve the video distribution.

Keep faith !



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