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Beogram 6000/4000

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boreades posted on Thu, Feb 28 2013 11:32 AM

Hello from FranceWink

I'm interested in a Beogram 6000 (white version) found on a french vintage site.

It's a 5502 version, so it's close to the 4000 with the heavy platter and motor. I may be wrong but I remember having read somewhere that the tracking control on the BG 4000 acts on both directions to deal with decentered records or very rare ones beginning from the label zone.

Does the 6000 have this specific refinement?

I tried it at the seller's home, the solenoid (arm lift) tends to rattle noisily (switches off and on quickly), otherwise everything seems ok except some standard lubrification and regulation work.

As I have the matching Beomaster 6000 it could be a nice item to get and try the Quadra wonders with the appropriate cartridge.

I'd like to know if the sonics are closer to a 4000 than a last 4002 line production?


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Søren Hammer
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The bi-directional tracking ability of the 4000 proved to be redundant and B&O did only include it on the original Beogram 4000. The Beogram 4002 and variations thereof did come with new electronics and simpler circuits because the TTL IC's in the 4000 were very expensive.

The difference in sound quality may not be that big, but the heavier platter and internally synchronized AC motor did improve the Wow/flutter characteristics.

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