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BeogramCD 5500 High pitched noise

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nicksmith2010 posted on Sat, Dec 18 2021 7:56 AM

I have a fully working Beogramcd 5500 but when discs are playing there is a high pitch noise coming from the player. Anyone had a similar problem or know of a remedy?  

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Dillen replied on Sat, Dec 18 2021 8:40 AM

The laser can emit a noise in certain cases. And particularly if its current is wrongly set.
My advice is normally to NEVER touch any adjustments on the servo.
If you adjusted something, perhaps in a "desperat" attempt at getting it to work (instead of replacing the capacitors), that could easily be
the reason and I suggest you measure and adjust the laser current using the methods, test-CD etc. metioned in the servicemanual.
Note that some manuals give a wrong measuring point for this.
Note also that the current adjustment has a far to wide range. A too high setting, even if only for a brief moment, can and will do permanent damage to the laser diode, so move carefully.


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