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Lack of power on Aux plug

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Northernboy1 posted on Tue, Nov 30 2021 9:13 PM

I have the pleasure of having a Beocenter 8000 for the last 30 years but have just noticed that when I try to connect to the TV using the Aux plug, it only plays on one speaker and at very low volume ??
 Does this mean that my unit has passed its ‘sell by date ‘ or it it an easy fix.

 Would be very great full for your advise.


 Best regards



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BC 8000 has 7 pin DIN sockets as far as I know.

These DIN sockets are in- and outputs. If you are using an adapter for the AUX connection, you maybe connected it to the output pins.

So you connected the TV output to the AUX output, which can`t work, and the result is exactly what you describe in your post.

In this case you just need another adapter (for AUX input).

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Hope this helps


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