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no display on Beosound5

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Frits posted on Thu, Nov 25 2021 7:21 PM



I have here a  Beomaster5 and Beosound5 on my bench.

The unit was not working at all.

Creating a copy with a diskcopy unit like a Sharkoon was not succesfull, but with the Service Tool I was able to make a clone of the entire HDD (clone of only the system drive failed)

Now the unit boot, and comes up with the menu N;music, Nradio, ... with a PC monitor connected to the motherboard DVI

When I connect the PC screen to the Master Unit connection, I will have the correct screen layout.

Navigation from the BS5 works correctly

When I push the 'Standby' button on the back of the display, I get a flash on the BS screen, and for 3 seconds an image.

On the BS mainboard, LED D100 lights up (that's the only one on the board)


Any idea's what may be wrong? The mainboard?

Suggestions where I can find a new/replacement one?






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