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finally moved from avant 55 to eclipse

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355f posted on Thu, Nov 25 2021 6:59 PM

Well folks following the 3rd Video Engine failure on my Avant 55, i gave up and bought the eclipse. It was costing almost a grand a year to fix it!


It seems the board exchange service replaces the faulty component and thats it; clearly no investments going into why these boards fail with regularity anymore.  At least the costs have dropped from  700 to about 275 but it  is still an expensive fix.


Onto the eclipse; well the picture quality is very good and the sound is good; but how i miss the build quality and menus of avant 55; the bracket that holds the TV to the frame on Avant is cast and the higest quality on eclipse its bent tin; one can clearly see how B&O is making money; its shoddy.

What a pity that B&O did not even bother to suggest the best settings for the OLED panel to reduce the motion and glare issues; or suggest that you 'spam' the mute button on the LG remote to disable the awful 'life is good with LG logo one often gets. I dont want to pay 10K to see that!!

Of course with the LG ecosystem you also get spammed with adverts and emails and leaves a very exposed position  from unknown sources and it seems these are from the LG ecosystem

Quite why I should be obligated to exposure to this company having paid a high price for its products i dont know[ anyway disabled those on the router

So summary; nice picture; miss the B&O magic which is not there anymore and the HUGE price charged.


If it were not for additional speakers I own I would have left B&O for good; what a pity more effort was not made to integrate the product better.  I can clearly see why B&O is making more money!!

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