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BL5 / Beolab 5 Chassis Availability

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adrianb posted on Thu, Nov 25 2021 1:41 AM

Hello all

I have a pair of BL5 that have sounded great for many years. One experienced a problem of making crackling noises even when not connected to any source. A replacement of the chassis was performed and it has been flawless since.

Now the other speaker is making the same noises. My local B&O authorised repairer however has said that chassis availability is now taking a very long time to be delivered. He has several customers who have been waiting three months so far and still no chassis from B&O.

Is anyone else experiencing these issues? Is it just an Australian problem?

Hope to hear from you :)

Kind regards


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Mikael replied on Thu, Nov 25 2021 8:37 AM

As I understand it there is a difference in availability based on what version of Beolab 5 you have. Mk1 should be running low, while mk2 should still be fine for availability. But maybe that has changed?
Do your Beolab 5 have a pincode? If not they are mk1.

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Hi there

I cannot remember so maybe someone can remind us but there was a highly recommended service / repair place for the lab 5.

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