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Avant 32 upgrade

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delite posted on Thu, Nov 18 2021 9:23 PM

I'm in the progress of rebuilding my Avant 32 television in the following way. Stripping it regarding picture tube and corresponding electronics to replace the picture tube with a flat screen from (sorry) Philips. The philosophy is obviously to upgrade the image quality, avoid sound distortion from image interference and of course maintain the sound of the Avant 32 beovision. To get along with this I need complete circuit diagrams of the PCBs. Do any of you folks have this dokumentation? My Avant 32 is a type 8430.

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I did something similar with the BV5 

I believe the chassis is more or less the same in the two TV's 

If you follow the same approach as I did I think you can accomplish this without any diagrams.

Good luck

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I am sure that someone has done this. I cannot find the thread now, but it was in a discussion about upgrading the Bevision 5 screen.


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