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Trying to repair a Beosystem 2500 - trouble with the metalic rope

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Dodormyl posted on Fri, Nov 5 2021 2:17 PM


I'm here to ask you some help. I have broken the doors opening system of a beosystem 2500. This is not mine and I would have bigs troubles if I'm not able to repair this before one month. Electronic repairing is not at all my job (and english not my mother tongue, sorry) I'm a french pharmacist girl, but I like to find solutions by myself.

I found how to open every thing and I found the problem which was that the metalic rope, which allows the opening of the doors, was stuck in the back of the big plastic gear as you can see in the picture below :


I manage to remove the gear, but now I have the two ends of the metalic rope and I don't know how to wrap it the right way. 



Is the small plastic wheel (on the top of the plastic gear) on the right direction ? Should I just wrap the metalic rope around it ?

I found the guidebook on the internet, but I don't understand anything of it, maybe the french translate is bad. "Turn the plastic gear G clockwise until it stop", but it never stop !

Thank you.


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Andy K
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This video on YouTube might help:

Door Repair Beosystem 2500 (replace belt) / Türen reparieren (Riemen tauschen) - YouTube

It's for a belt replacement but shows how the wire should be routed.

Good luck!

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Hey thank you for your reponse. This video is really good and allows to see how many laps the rope should make around the little plastic gear.

It's really hard to roll and each time I touch something, it unroll !


I made a really short video to explain the point I'm right know (unable to find the solution) and post it on youtube.

As you can see, the metallic rope (string ?) is too loose ! Tried to make one more lap around the gear but after that, it's too tight (and the video you sent me let me think that it doesn't need it).

The rope is in poor condition (because it was stuck for so long) and a litle twisted : I really hope this won't avoid the door opening system.


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It looks as if the rope missed the rollers at the right sides
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Hi, I just did mine. I think is much easier to fix that plastic wheel back to its place because you'll need both hands to wrap around.

Set up the glass holder brackets to closed position and set the wheel as shown on the drawing (the slit facing to the screw hole), undo the two springs on both side of wire , this way the cables a little longer just enough to wrap around the wheel. On your picture you're nearly there but no need equal threads for both wire direction as it turns, one side is spooling up the other side is down. After wrapped around correctly need to reattach the springs so the wire tightening up then.

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