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BeoSystem 3 - Setup and Reactivation

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Tim84 posted on Thu, Oct 28 2021 12:46 PM

Hello dear Beoworlders,


I have found an old BeoSystem 3 in my parents basement. As they have a lot of B&O Stuff lying around I plan to reactivate their setup. 

The Plan is to use a LG 55" TV (4k but they sit 5 meters away so 1080p is good for them) as the primary Display on the BeoSystem 3 and use their two BeoLab 6000s in combination with my old 4000s as speakers.

The Sources for the Beosystem are an old PS3, a Sony Blu-ray (BDP-S550) and an Apple TV.

Are there PUCs availible for those sources and to control the LG TV?

What is the latest software for the BeoSystem?


Thanks for your help.


Attached are some system Information shots of the BeoSystem 3. Is there a Service Manual availible in the paid section of Beoworld?

Living room: BeoVision 7 MKV + BeoLab 7-2 + 2x BeoLab 8000 + BeoLab 2 + 2x BeoLab 4000
Office / guest room: BV 7-32 MKIV / BL7-1; BeoSound Core + Turntable
Kitchen: BeoPlay M3
Bathroom: Gira Radio + BeoLab Celestial
Entrance: BeoPlay M3

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