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Beosound Core / Beolab 18 stereo image problem

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LuffeDK posted on Sun, Oct 24 2021 12:54 PM

Hi all,

I have an issue with the stereo image in the above mentioned setup and I am trying to figure out if it is a problem with my core or my Beolab 18’s.

My Beolab 18’s are connected to the Core via Powerlink shielded Cat7 cable (from B&O)

I have checked that my Beolab 18’s are configured correctly left and right respectively, by setting the switch on the Beolab 18 in the L&R position.

I have chosen some tracks where some vocal’s or similar are panned all the way to the right channel and I cannot hear them on my BL18. The speakers are playing, so something tells me that both the right and left speaker are playing the left channel.

I have chosen same tracks from Deezer on my Beolab 50 connected to Harmony, and the stereo image is perfect. The same goes for my Beosound 35, etc. etc.

In order to eliminate a cable problem, I have connected the Beolab 18’s to the core with new cables and it did not help.

I have also switched the L&R position on the BL18 speakers. Herby, the left speaker should play the right channel and visa versa. I still cannot hear the right channel in any of the speakers, so something tells me it is a problem with the core.

I have also made a factory reset on both the Core and the BL18 and it did not help.

The obvious thing to check is to connect my core to my BL50’s but that is difficult as everything is build into a fixed installation.

Are other facing same issue with their core or BL18?

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Hi, this is a software issue in core after last software.. B&O working with a fix for it.

Hopfully it comes soon..:)

This issue has now been resolved. B&O released new software yesterday. 

Thank you for the support.   

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