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How to connect a beamer / projector with a Beovision Harmony?

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Alsfeld posted on Fri, Oct 22 2021 3:10 PM

I own a Beovision Harmony & Apple TV and I am thinking about buying an additional Beamer for some nice home cinema evenings.

My question: How can I connect the Beamer to the Beovison Harmony, so that the audio is routed to the Beolab loudspeakers connected to the Beovision Harmony?

Theoretically, there are two solutions:
1) A HDMI splitter for 2 monitors between Apple TV and Beovision Harmony & Beamer. Will this work? Can I turn off the LG display without turning off the audio processing and the Beolab loudspeakers (how)?
2) I connect the Beamer to the HDMI cable from Beovision Harmony Soundcenter instead of the LG display (manually or with a HDMI switch). What happens then? Does the LG display stay black? Can I control the Beovision Harmony Soundcenter with my BeoRemote One as usual?

Any experiences and suggestions how to set it up?

With my Beovison 9 it was so easy, I just used the Display 2 port and everything else I could control with my Beolink 4. The good old days of Bang&Olufsen 😉

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mbee replied on Fri, Oct 22 2021 7:41 PM

Using a splitter on the sound center to LG display cable is the best solution imho. You set the splitter to copy the EDID of the LG display so that the soundcenter still thinks there is only the lg display connected. HDMI 2 to the Beamer.

and normally there is a « image off » virtual button that can be added to your beoremote to turn off the LG screen. I just hope it doesn’t run the signal off on the cable!

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