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Beomaster 5 and power supply stopped working

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Jens Rendboell
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Copenhagen, Denmark
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Jens Rendboell posted on Tue, Oct 19 2021 2:42 AM

Hello (Beo)world,

I hope you Beoworld experts can help me in getting my Beomaster 5 and power supply working again.

My Beomaster 5 suddenly stopped working with only a red light on the Beosound 5. No video on the DVI-I. Not able to get into the bios. Beomaster 5, Type 1756 (sticker with 8411-2).

This is what I did to try to get it up running again:

(1) Did a CMOS reset and pulled the battery on the Epia Ex motherboard.

Now, the Beomaster 5 power supply has stopped working. It was done with the motherboard installed in the Beomaster 5.

Before I did this, the power supply was working with light in all 4 lights on the ML-PL module and the fan was running.

Now there is only light in the last of the 4 lights (+5V_SB). There is no light in +5V_ATX, +3V3_ATX or +12V_Bank and the fan is not running.

Has the CMOS reset/pulled battery caused the bios to reset to the default Epia Ex bios?

Does the CMOS reset/pulled battery cause the power supply to fail?

If yes, can you somehow reinstall the Beomaster 5 bios without the Beomaster 5 power supply? See (4) and (5) below.

(2) Checked the motherboard in a separate system. It has failed.

I now know the motherboard has failed (no video on the DVI-I, not able to get into the bios), because I have another motherboard (Epia Ex 1500 Mhz) installed in a separate system, where I am able to get into the bios, but this is not possible with the old motherboard.

(3) Replacing the motherboard by using the Service Tool.

I was hoping to get the beomaster working again by replacing the motherboard and by loading the Service Tool to reinstall the Beomaster 5 bios.

Service Tool downloaded from here:

Included is the Service Manual for Beomaster 5, type 1753, 1754, 1755. Can this Service Tool and Service Manual be used for Beomaster 5, type 1756?

After powering it up with the new motherboard and keeping it powered for two hours, there is no sign of the power supply getting to life. Still only one light on of the 4 lights and the fan is still not running.

And without power to the motherboard, I am not able to load the service tool.

(4) Install my separate ATX power supply directly on the motherboard in the Beomaster 5?

I am thinking of installing my separate ATX power supply in the Beomaster 5 to be able to load the service tool and install the Beomaster 5 bios.

Is this possible?

(5) Or is it possible to use my separate standard ATX system to load the Service Tool and install the Beomaster 5 bios on the new motherboard?

Thanks for your help.

Best regards,


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Jens Rendboell
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Copenhagen, Denmark
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I made a mistake :-) 

When changing the old motherboard with the new motherboard, I had swapped the connection from the power switch to the ML-PL-module with the connection from the ML-Module to the power on pins on the motherboard, as they have exactly the same type connector.

But to get it up and running I had to perform a "Clone Entire HDD" with the Service Tool, as the system files on the hard drive had probably been damaged.

This procedure resets the system to factory default, and beware that all your files will be deleted.

To save your files you should perform a "Clone HDD" only.

But now it is running as new :-)

Thanks to the Beoworld forum for guiding me with download and the use of the Service Tool.

The Service Tool can be downloaded here:

Be patient, as it is a very slow download, if you're not paying. Download is 1.7 GB and takes about 5-6 hours.



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