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Beovision TV 40" Mark 4 Model

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Tucker99 posted on Mon, Oct 18 2021 6:36 PM
have a question if u don't mind 
I recently purchased a lovely second hand B&O Beovision TV 40 Mark 4 TV 
Previously i was using a Samsung Plasma 40" which displayed TV channels via a scart plus from a free to air box cable to the TV 
I have assembled the B&O and unplugged the Scart Plug from the Samsung (this was my means of accessing TV from my Free to Air Box)
When I attached scart plug  to the B&O TV and turn on,  I don't appear to be getting a signal of channels 
It is saying poor or no signal, I have checked that the scart is connected and it appears to be 
Can you enlighten me if I have overlooked something  ??  Apologies but I am a newbie 

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Chris Townsend
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Can you not use HDMI? You’ll get a much better signal.

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The Beonic Man
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Not quite sure what you are trying to achieve but if not Chris’s suggestion above, wouldn’t a Roku device or similar be the best option? 

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