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Oled TV to Beosystem3

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graham60 posted on Mon, Oct 18 2021 11:58 AM

How can I integrate a 55" Oled TV into the system that I have, all I want to do is replace the aging BV4 50" with an up to date 55" Oled TV (looking at the Sony Bravia XR55 A90JU "LG Panel") my problem is that I need it to work in my Beosystem 3 set up, this set up includes B&O Overture, B&O DVD2,  Humax Freesat, Lutron Light panel and the remote wall bracket, everything is programed to and operated by the Beo5 remote, the system also uses the 8000s, 6000s, BL 7.2 and BL 2 sub. speakers

I am not very technical when it comes to cables, adapters etc. that may be needed in the integration, I don't mind having to use two remotes (better with one !!) but I would like everything to work as it does now with surround sound, the system switching between video and audio,  with powering off etc.

Anyone out there knows how to do it !!!!!  with a detailed  "how to"

I would even pay someone to do it for me 





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