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B&O Century: laser unit replaced but same old problems

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SteveB&O posted on Sun, Oct 17 2021 7:34 PM

Hi to all.

I'm Steve from Italy. Thanks for being accepted in this forum.

I didn't find a solution in the 3ds I've read so fare.

My Century had problems with the laser unit: when  I put the CD, the Door closed properly and the Lens went up and down (vertical sledge) but After few spins, the Door opened and the CD stopped.

I've cleaned the Lens but no results. I turned the screws in the rear panel anti clockwise: no results: the message was still [  ]

So I ordered a new Lens and replaced It in the unit. The problem Is Always the same. The Lens move up and down but no way to have a continuous spinning of the CD.

So: can anyone help me with ideas/suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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