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Beocord 7000 Repair Queries

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beo_novice posted on Sun, Oct 17 2021 6:30 PM

Hello all, new to the forum! Smile

My Dad has asked me to have a look at his Beocord 7000 (owned from new) which unfortunately isn't working properly any more.  Thanks Dad!  The drawer opens and closes fine and the tape player makes a noise but does not work.

I have dismantled to access the tape deck which I have lifted up to see the brass wheel and white wheel on the underside.  I removed the elastic band linking these the wheels.  When I press play the white wheel spins clockwise.  The same happens when I press fast forward or reverse.  The stop button does not stop it.  Only switching off the power will stop the wheel.  It also spins for a few seconds when switching the power back on and then stops.

Everything else moves ok manually but none of the buttons will get the tape spindles to operate or the large silver wheels with the thick belt to move.  None of the other functions works from the buttons (eg auto reverse etc).

I am wary of dismantling the deck further (eg removing the metal cover with the brass wheel) as this looks very fiddly to put back together and I don't have new belts for the large wheels.  It also seems that it may be something more complex than just a new belt to fix it.

Can anyone with experience throw any light on this for me please?  Many thanks in advance!

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Weebyx replied on Tue, Oct 19 2021 12:42 PM

Beocord 7000 belt replacement tutorial - (

But be careful with the black plastic part under the tape. The large part held by the 4 corner screws.

This is very brittle now, so when you loosen the 4 screws, do it very carefully, and hold on as close to the screws as possible on the plastic, so you don't twist the plastic to much.

It all breaks very easily into many pieces, and there is no spares to be found.

When you screw the screws back in, make sure to use the same screws for each hole, and use the same threads, so you turn the screw backwards until you feel it hits the threads, and then turn it slowly tight again, but better stop too soon than tighten to much, this also breaks the plastic.


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