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Free for spares or repair - Beocenter 6-26 and Beocenter 2200

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Hardwriter posted on Sun, Oct 17 2021 12:03 AM

Please delete this if not appropriate.

I have some old non-working B&O equipment that may be of interest to someone either as a repair project or for spare parts.

Beocenter 6-26 - On power up the green light comes on, flashes a few times then goes red. No picture (but I think panel is OK). This is version with DVI connector and built-in UK DTV (Freeview) module. Cosmetic condition very good and all of the rear covers are there. Black with silver aluminium frame and speaker cover.

Beocenter 2200 and X25 speakers - one channel a bit quiet, turntable and radio work, cassette motor works but I think belt may be damaged. MMC5 stylus in good order. Cosmetic condition very good.

Location north Kent in UK and available free to anyone that can collect.




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