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BL5 Mic not extending for calibration

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ReneB posted on Sun, Sep 19 2021 2:22 PM

After successfully calibrating the repaired BL5, I started the calibration for the other BL5. After pressing the button, the mic starts to extend a bit, but stops and no calibration is done (no sounds). The lights flashes red, which stops after pressing for x seconds the button again. Speakers works fine afterwards. There is nothing blocking the mic; After trying 3 times, I “helped” the mic to fully extend, but to no avail. No calibration, and the mic retracts after a while.

anyone has an idea what to try - before calling my dealer? Thanks!

ps I searched the forum archive and did find several other BL5 calibration issues/solutions but not this one. 
ps2: I did already try disconnecting the power for an hour  

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