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Where to buy

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Mikeba posted on Sun, Sep 12 2021 10:33 PM

Hi guys! I suppose that this question was asked but i couldn't find any info. 
So, long time ago my father bought Beosound 1991. We did't use it for a long time but few days ago i d like to turn it on and listen some music. 
And i faced a problem - Beosound turn on the music by 7pin din aux. In my town this cabel costs about 300$. 

So my question is - where can i buy the copy of original aux cabel for a low price? 

Maybe u have some links ?

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Guy replied on Mon, Sep 13 2021 10:43 AM

Welcome to Beoworld!

What model of Beosound is it and what are you trying to connect to it?

Sounds Heavenly (site sponsor at foot of page) will almost certainly have the correct cable at a good price! Smile

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a original B&o cable 7pin aux to 3,5 pin doesnt cost 300$ More like 30$

where do you live? Afghanistan?

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Need a cable? Just ask Steve at Sounds Heavenly

Need a cable? Just ask Stave at Sounds Heavenly




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