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Beosound 5 Help - Blue Half Circle/ Sound Wheel

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marc_kav posted on Fri, Aug 27 2021 4:42 PM

Hello Everyone

UPDATE: After writing this (below) it dawned on me that having no speakers connected via the Beomaster 5 Powerlink connections and only a Link speaker maybe the Sound Wheel Blue Half Circle is normal on the BeoSound 5; I cannot connect my Beolab 8000 speakers at the moment so I am unabke confirm if I have answered my own question or not.


My BeoSound 5 is a 24* serial number, warranty expired end of 2019 and it has had very little use since I bought it new; I stored everything away in its original packing for about 12 months, now just after re-commissioning it everything is working except the sound-wheel (when I try to adjust the volume all I get is the blue half circle displaying, no adjustment to the sound using the wheel).  Before storing it away I had a pair of Beolab 8000 Powerlink speakers connected and a Beolab 3500 Link speaker with no issues, but now I only have the Beolab 3500 link speaker connected.

Also, the sound can be adjusted using my Beo4 remote control.  And the Beosound 5 is set to Audio Master=Yes, AM Option=1

Any advice, suggestions would be appreciated.

Many thanks,



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