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Beosound 5 screen not working

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Abodigital posted on Wed, Aug 18 2021 4:03 AM

Hi All,

I have recently picked up a Beosound system and when I got it home it seems the screen is not working, I did some troubleshooting and have got it playing a CD and I can control the volume and can hear it click through scrolling on the interface but I have nothing on screen, has this happened to anyone else?

Is this any easy hardware swap over? Are parts for these easy to buy online?

I am a B&O newbie and this is my first system, and can fix hardware and troubleshoot but am not very computer minded.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in Advance!


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gerard replied on Tue, Aug 24 2021 11:17 PM
Do you have a Beosound 5 and Beomaster 5?

Or simlpy a Beosound 5?

If you have a BM5 , this is a Windows PC with some special B&O parts.

1. You need to check if you have connected the display cable to the right connector on BM5 as there are 2.

2. You could try to connect an old Monitor with DVI Connector to the BM5 while the BS5 is also connected and by this way see if the BM5 sends the video signal.

I did not try this , it’s the first idea which I think about.
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